Step 4: Add the Kimchi

Prior to adding the kimchi to the skillet, make sure the kimchi is cut into bite sized pieces. Once the outer layer of the chicken has turned white, add 1 cup of kimchi.

Caution: Slowly scoop the kimchi into the skillet. Too much kimchi falling into the skillet at once may cause oil or kimchi liquid to splatter. These liquids cause damage to clothing and/or minor burns to exposed skin.

With your spatula, spread the kimchi evenly around the skillet to ensure of even cooking.

Note: You may add some of the kimchi liquid at this time to keep the chicken tender and add more flavor.
I made it and it is amazing!!! Thanks so much for this instructable
I'm one of Korean <br/>Very thanks to your interest in Korean food
Something I have to try soon, too. I have 2 types of kimuchi in the fridge, ready to eat.
this sounds delicious!!!! I'm going to make this soon...great way to calm down the intensity of kimchi. Thank you for this instructible!

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