Kombucha is a fermented tea that has probiotics to aid in healthy digestion. It can be brewed at home using a "mother," which is a solid mass of micro-organisms or with one bottle of unflavored kombucha.


2 Gallons of cool Tea
Large Glass or Ceramic Jar
Cloth (a t shirt works well, best if it is white)
Kombucha mother or Some Kombucha
Sugar ( Tuabinado, brown, granulated or both).

Step 1: Choosing Tea

1) An appripriate amount of tea to begin with would be about 2 gallons, or an amount you desire to consume. Brew your choice tea and let it cool. Use a ceramic or glass container, plastic will leech.
How do you store the scoby? I know that you are to refrigerate when making formant (and websites say to not have a sealed cover, but-if I have the one I am using, and the one I just made, how do I store the one I do not want to make dormant? <br>
where did you get your jars i have several batches but i would like one big one with a tap so i can take a little out each day and add in some sweet tea.
Why does the color of the cloth on top of the bottle matter? I've always used a blue tea towel on mine and its worked fine.

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