How to make Kool-Aid Pickles

Picture of How to make Kool-Aid Pickles
Kool-Aid pickles are a popular treat in the Delta (northwestern Mississippi). Great for eating in the summer, Kool-Aid pickles are surprisingly sweet. I first learned about them when my eleventh grade U.S. History teacher, who was born and raised in the Delta, first told us about them. All of the students in my class wanted to see what it tasted like. One day, our teacher brought us some homemade Kool-Aid pickles and all of us enjoyed them. It is very easy to make but you will have to have some patience while the Kool-Aid magic takes its effect.

All you need is:
a jar of pickles
1 lb of sugar (about 2 1/4 cups) for one gallon jar (amount of sugar depends on the size of the jar)
2 packets of unsweetened cherry Kool-Aid or any other flavor Kool-Aid
cooking pot
wooden spoon
cutting board

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Step 1: Separate the pickle juice from the pickles.

Picture of Separate the pickle juice from the pickles.
Pour the pickle juice in the pot. Make sure you have a pot large enough to hold all of the juice.

Step 2: Add the magic ingredients.

Picture of Add the magic ingredients.
Pour the sugar and Kool-Aid into the pickle juice. Stir until all of the sugar and Kool-Aid is dissolved.

Step 3: Cut and Return

Picture of Cut and Return
Cut the pickles in half lengthwise and put them back into the jar.

Step 4: Pour the mix.

Picture of Pour the mix.
Carefully pour the mix back into the jar.  If you use a new jar of pickles you will have more than enough juice to cover up the pickles. The pickles that I used aren't new so I don't have as much pickle juice. Put the lid back on the jar and close it tight.

Step 5: Refrigerate and Wait

Picture of Refrigerate and Wait
Put the jar in your refrigerator. It will take about one week for the pickles to soak up the Kool-Aid. Be patient. Once my pickles are ready, I'll update this instructable with the final results. Enjoy!