How to Make Kryptonite





Introduction: How to Make Kryptonite

I'm going to tell you how to make Kryptonite with a piece of quartz (found at the beach) and a pair of green LED

Step 1: Piece of Worn Out Quartz

When i'm walking at th beach under the cliffs i found some pieces of quartz.This quartz pieces where roll, roll and roll by the waves and they are worn out and polish.

Step 2: Chose One of Them

Chose one of the quartz pieces.

Step 3: Drill the Hole on It

With your favorite Dremel drill one or two holes to receive the green LED.
PS : You can see on my thumb my own coin ring made from here

Step 4: Glue the LED

With a hot glue gun fix the LED in the hole

Step 5: Weld the Wires

Weld the wires on the LED, personnaly I use two green LED retrain from an old computer casing. Be sure to respect the polarity of the LED (elsewhere the LED doesn't work).Glue the wire on the rock .

Step 6: Stand It

Cut a little square a "precious wood" and glue the rock on it

Step 7: Set the Power ON

I use a multiple power supply set on 3 volts to feed the LED but you can use 2 size AA battery.

And now Superman beware of you i've got my own Kryptonite.

This instructable is my first one, excuse me if my english is too not so good I'm a french people (still sorry ;-) ) from New Caledonia .





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    I'm sorry this MUST be said. I know a lot about crystals and a quartz is an 8 on the mohs scale and diamond bits have trouble drilling into it.

    Looks awesome, if you used the blockier quartz It would look like tiberium.

    1 reply

    lol.... aww the good ol days of C&C. Back when games were made for gameplay, and not how quickly you can finish a round with the most points.

    Thanks for the blast to the past, nice to see fellow C&C'ers still floating about.

    a great rock for a project like this is a crystal known as calcite. its got great diffusive properties

    Cool, and easy. I might make this for a superman lovin friend at work

    That's really nice! Easy job too. Hopefully I can try to find some quartz. Thanks a lot! +1 rating. (added to favorites)

    Very nice. As i live near the beach I might even have to go scouting for some quartz myself. Loads of LEDs lying around here just waiting to be used

    Fitsie123 I prefere use a worn out rock because it not tear my Spacesuit when I put it on my pocket to travel around the galaxy ;-)

    hello SWV1787 and alexthegreat , the rock of quartz is so fragile to use a hammer to scrape it and the blockier quartz i've found is not so "white" as I want, but I continue and perhaps a day i found it.

    I think you should next try to use a rock blanket and rock hammer to scrape it into the classic crystalline shape from the movies. that and hide the batteries in the wooden platform so as to make it appear more movable.

    Nice effect! Maybe it would be even better when a while bowl of these stones were used.

    Neat idea! I like it.