Introduction: How to Make L.E.D. Duct Tape!

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Ok, so L.E.D.'s and duct tape are two very cool things, but what if we combine them together to make "L.E.D. DuctTape" This instructable will tell you how to do that!

Step 1: The Supplies

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Really all you need is some leds, ducttape, something to poke a hole in the ducttape, and a small watch battery.

Step 2: Strip the DuctTape

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Now get a strip of ducttape (length is up to you) and then cut it off the roll.

Step 3: Poke the Hole

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Get the thing that will poke the whole in the ducttape and then poke as many holes in as you want (# of holes =# of L.E.D.'s).

Step 4: Bend the L.E.D. Leads

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Now get your L.E.D.(s) and bend the leads like shown in the picture.

Step 5: Insert the L.E.D.'s

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Now its time to insert the leads into the holes, and once that is down connect all the leads. After the leads are connected insert your battery(ies)

Step 6: Yay, Youre Done!

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Now you are finished, and now you can stick this L.E.D. ducttape any where!


Avadhut.Deshmukh (author)2011-06-16

but its still cool rated 4.0 me too !

atombomb1945 (author)2011-06-09

Simple and yet unique. I like it!

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