Starry sky is a sight that leaves no one indifferent.
With a little patience and the will, you can make the LED starry sky that will make your space extraordinary.
This is the plan for the simplest and cheapest LED starry sky that looks attractive and professionally done. For copies of the consumption of up to 500-600mA charger you can use the old mobile phone.
500mA is enough for 20 LEDs with I = 25mA
For larger quantities of LED and greater power consumption , use the AC adapter that can give higher power
All this you can see on LED Brilliancy with a few more tips about preparing the plate...

Step 1: Planning and drilling

Determine the desired position and shape of the starry sky
That may be part of the ceiling (or the entire ceiling) in the room.
Sketch the surface of the Starry Sky in the appropriate
scale, and sketch LEDs.
It is important that you are satisfied with the arrangement and number of LED
Choose the type of material for the starry sky. it could be gypsum wallboard, plywood, acrylic and the like.
Surface cut into the desired dimensions, process the roughness and colored with the color desired. If the material is thicker than 5mm (this applies for all materials except acrylic ), LED-s are mounted on the outside (visible) side panels.
Drill holes for the mounting of LED-s according to the scheme you have outlined.
Drill hole 4.5 mm and carefully edging. Drill on the side where you predict that LED-s are.

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