How to make LOLCats, Meme cats, Cat macros, or cat pictures with funny captions

Step 5: Feed the need....the need for LOLCats

Picture of Feed the need....the need for LOLCats
Meme cats has quite a few cats, as does i can has cheezburger. If you want, there's even the LOLCat generator.

But feel free to diversify.

Original images by Lester of Puppets, raindog, and JnL.
supercoolio7 years ago
I must say, a very good approach. A very good way to make LOLcats is to go to icanhascheezburger.com they have a lolbuilder, with TONS of hilarious picture to choose from. They also have some dog pictures.
Curious478 years ago
I am a cat person and I really like your ideas. I look forward to trying them out.