Introduction: How to Make Led Light Box

Makeing light box for your camera and for capture good pictures or videos for under 10$.
The box is free,the white paper is around 1$,white led stripes are from ebay for 6$,I use DC jack and power adapter 12v 1A they cost about 3$.
The result of this amateur light box is very amazing,at end of the video I capture video and its very good without shadows.

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Desertsquirrel3 (author)2013-08-19

Nice tutorial. I wonder if some white led Christmas lights taped to the top would give the same effect. I do see you did this in april.

Printy (author)2013-04-25

Great work!! Love this instructable!

macobt (author)Printy2013-04-26

make this light box and share photos.

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