Picture of How to make Lego® valve stem caps.
I can't take credit for this idea. Several years ago I had seen a Lego Edition Ford F-150 with blocks for valve stem caps. I decided to make my own. In this instructable I am going to make two for my motorcycle. Here it goes:

Step 1: You will need:

Picture of You will need:
1) How ever many blocks and which ever color you desire but they must be 2X2.
2) Metal valve stem caps.
3) Hot glue gun.
4) Utility knife.
5) Small flat screwdriver.
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Tater Zoid made it!1 year ago

Hi, I used your Instructable as a template for the Remix Contest. I hope you will approve. Thanks. Lego Tire Valve Caps

imaseahawksfan (author)  Tater Zoid1 year ago
Yea man no problem. Good luck!

Thank you.

thargreaves2 years ago
Will it work with super glue? I haven't got enough money atm to buy a glue gun I cant afford one lol. im skint can only get hold of super glue will it work?
troberts192 years ago
dose it work with super glue?
CaseBoy3 years ago
I find that if you stick a credit card to the bottom when its in the freezer, you get a much smoother result
ajsaunders4 years ago
those are cool
Just made them putting them on my bike!
GTRPLR19955 years ago
Nice, will make soon
bahaha.. i made like 30 and im sticking them on random peoples cars :D
Dagon3276 years ago
I've got a method that doesn't use a razor, and seems to work better. Use a needle nose pliers, to grab the outsides of the center tube, and squeeze, then rotate the pliers (without squeezing) 90º or so and squeeze again, keep doing this until the center tube has almost completely detached, then twist and it should come out relatively clean.
prestonm6 years ago
they would be good bike cap too
djr67896 years ago
nice idea! im gonna go make loads of them now
KeaneYang6 years ago
Cool idea! I bet using pieces from Playmobil would look great too!
Kayjay6 years ago
my one buddy has done something like this but with a .22 shell instead, but sweet idea and awesome instructable
gnargnar6 years ago
it seems as though metal valve stem covers are MANDATORY for this job. i can't find any plastic ones that fir inside the brick. they all hang out ALOT. super sweet instructable btw! i've actually decided to lego theme my bike, thanks to this instructable, and my love of legos. also working on getting lego knobs on my guitar.
pyrocop16 years ago
Using a lego person head would be pretty cool also. You would have this little head sitting on top the valve stem.
bill oddie6 years ago
this is a satisfying instructable, and it makes my old toyota corolla, look like its been on pimp my ride.(well, if you look close enough.) *on this step instead of taking out the inside bit of the lego brick with a stanley, i used a verticle drill.
pepsiqueen6 years ago
i love it... i will be cruising around seattle with these puppies in no time!
Same here :D.
Thats really nice and clean, with supplies people probably already have. I rarely favorite things, but this will be there. Thanks!
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
what did you do to the monkey?
imaseahawksfan (author)  Sandisk1duo6 years ago
I wasn't paying attention and he tried to eat hot glue. I'm such a bad parent :'(
Now I'm curious to. Nice done, You can make varietes with this idea ;)
Very nicely done. i've got a tip for you..instead of useing just round valve caps..stick in one with some squareness to it..like somethign with a hex head on it...much like the cheap chrome ones you can find at places liek Princess Auto...that way there's less chance of the valve cap coming loose in the glue when you take it on and off :D..i'm gonna make some for my mountain bikes..and my cruiser motorbike :D except with bullet casings :D
imaseahawksfan (author)  Furball_Fidelis6 years ago
Thats actually what I used on my very first set. Unfortuantely, the bottom of the valve stem caps sticks out about 3/16" (the dome top). However the ones with the flat top should set almost flush and that is why I used the ones I had cause they are very small. I has some on my Acura and I know I had gotten up to 105 mph. Once I sold my Acura and put them on a Buell I had. They withstood 135 mph on that. I think that that set works flawlessly for about four years and prbably longer than that since I left them on my Buell when I sold it. 9mm brass should work but I would be concerned about weight with anything larger. Thanks!!
amando966 years ago
i'm putting some on my bike :D
visionFoo6 years ago
I love this! Further, I could see repurposing some old keyboard, key-caps in the same manner! Great work!
imaseahawksfan (author)  visionFoo6 years ago
I'm glad you like. Yea, keys may work. Heads from Barbie dolls.... if your into that kind of thing. Thanks for the comment.
Is there any reason a plastic valve cap won't work? Or is a metal one just what you happened to have?
imaseahawksfan (author)  liquidsunshine6 years ago
Well since plastic valve stem caps are prone to cross-threading I suggest that metal ones should be used. That's all.
zyda6 years ago
Very cool project! I'm going to have to go see if I can get some legos to match my bike. You should check your rear rotor though. In that first picture it looks like it is starting to get grooved. If you can feel grooves in the rotor with your fingernail, it is new rotor time. Wouldn't want you to be injured due to decreased braking power...
evilution6 years ago
It's always worth remembering that if you use caps with metal threads on valve stems with metal threads, you should always use copper grease between the 2 to stop bimetal corrosion which can stop them coming off.
JerryMopar6 years ago
This is just cool, never thought of it. I will have to go make some now!
balisticjoe6 years ago
these are really cool. I'll have to make a pair for my bike.
my bike already has these! crazy sychronicitudinal idea time.
xD How'd you make yours?
in precisely the same way, except I just removed the center plug by crushing it and ripping it with needlenose pliers.
i made some led brick lights in the same way. crush and rip. i didnt fill the thing with hot glue though. i will have to try that. a 2x4 lego brck with 1mm holes all over it and a led diffused by glue in it. awesome
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