Hi friends!
After a long time, am back with one more instructable based on the FREE open source community i.e. LINUX
People have a conception or rather a misconception that Linux is very difficult to use and u need to code in Linux in order to use it.
Today these misconceptions are going to die a horrible death as I am going to reveal some methods to make you as comfortable with this OS as compared to any other like Mac or Windows.
You may choose not to believe me but check this out for yourself...
Lets Begin!

Step 1: Download Necessary Codes for Installing Packages

The most important thing to make Linux simple is know where to get the files from to download and install.
Here, i will give you the complete set of files containing everything from themes, scripts, commands and programs to download to make your life a bit easier.

First of all, Install Ubuntu 10.04 or later on your system and update the packages online (using update manager).

We begin after the above step is complete.

Step 1:
Add the following links in the software source to get additional packages:
a. ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
b. ppa:gnomenu-team/ppa
c. ppa:medibuntu-maintainers/ppa

Once, they are added. click on close. It will ask you to reload the packages. Select 'Yes'.

Details of step 1:
1. Goto Systems>Administration>Software Sources. The 'System' is located on the upper panel besides 'Applications' and 'Places' on the left hand side of the window.

Then click on the 'Other Software' tab in the Software Sources. You will see an 'Add' button at the bottom left hand side. Click on it and add these links one by one. Add one, click 'Add Source' and then add another. Keep doing till you are done with all three. Click on 'Close' button. It will ask you to reload the packages. Click 'Yes' (YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION AT THE TIME OF RELOADING THE PACKAGES).

We are done with the step 1. See the pics below for more information.
Continue for Step 2...
I'm using Mint 11 Kayla (Free micro CD in a UK Linux mag_$16 at Barnes & Noble) will this work for me? A friend who despises "The Dark Lord_Bill Gates" got me to install it to see if I liked it. Aside from the occasional page that shifts out of resolution to green, gray & black that locks up like M$'s "BSOD" only a cold shutdown cures & that damned login password every 10 or 15 minutes UR not touching the keyboard it's OK. Especially now that the whining from my tower PC turned out not be be a noisy fan, but a dying hard drive that no longer boots XP Pro I love it as it's the only way I access the Internet until I can allocated more funds for a replacement. I'm the only person using it in a private home, is there a way to eliminate the login password? Thanks!
LibreOffice is coming out soon and replace OpenOffice as the free choice. Libreoffice is the fork of OpenOffice to deal with Oracle purchasing Sun.
Yes. Libreoffice and openoffice both will be now available as opensource projects. however, Ubuntu will change the offering from openoffice to libreoffice from the next release onwards.
Technically, openoffice is no longer per se completely open source in the original sense. That is why we have Libreoffice. Ironically, I actually do own Sun StarOffice (predecessor to openoffice) which I bought years ago. You can get a standalone version of libreoffice from http://portablelinuxapps.org/
How is this "better" ? Software on Wine is still slower than native software, and that "vista" interface is terrible. Who using linux *Likes* MS Office? OpenOffice is far superior
@zuner2012 i have used MS Office using wine and i haven't experienced any glitch till now. Sometimes, it so happens that the hardware is not compatible with Ubuntu and so it can take up a lot of resources than usual. But this is rare.<br>Open Office is by far the best open source project. there is no doubt about it but when it comes to full functionality of the office suite, you will have to agree that MS Office 2007 is ahead of Open Office (3.2) at this moment by a good margin. So, here i am saying that people who want to stick to MS Office can use it even on Linux.<br>Lastly, the interface is optional as i have mentioned in my instructable. It is a personal choice. Go for it only if you are completely satisfied with it.

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