How to Make Log Lamps





Introduction: How to Make Log Lamps

Scott shows how to build two awesome lamps using burl aspen!



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What kind of oil are you using? Thes are too COOL!

Danish Oil. You can get it at any hardware store. It's poison-free and brings out the true colors of the wood. The only down side is that you have to re-oil your piece every few years or so depending on how dry your climate is. Thanks for the comment!

Can you explain a little bit more what you did with the Router? Did you make a groove for the cord to sit in? Thanks, love the video!

Hey I really like the video it was very informative and really cool but is there a wood that is the best to use for this project because I have maple cedar pine and oak

I'm trying to make a lamp out of driftwood and I was wondering if you have any techniques to keep the drill bit from wandering while boring out a hole for the threaded lamp pipe

I love the video. Very informative, but fast forwards through the parts we didn't need to watch all of. Nice music accompaniment too.
I feel ready to make one.

I really enjoyed the video, plan on making my first lamp this week. Good job!
What did you do with that hole that you sanded inside a little, did you do anything to the edges of it, video kinda went fast in dealing with that part?

I was talking about the hole (bad spot in the log), I noticed you sanded the very inside of that spot, but was wondering about what you did to the edges of that bad spot if anything. I've just finished my first lamp and removed all the loose material with my dremel tool. Just wondered what you did, and what you use.
Thanks for the help!

The burl area on the side of the log? Burl isn't bad, it's awesome. I just sanded what could be sanded without destroying the sander pad. Leaving rough material inside the burl doesn't hurt and I think it makes it look cooler. However getting in there with a small grinder or dremel can create some really cool results as well. I hope I answered your question this time! :)

Yes, I couldn't think of that term "burl area", but that answered my question perfectly. Thanks so much!