This is a demonstration of me using a 1n4148 silicon diode as a low cost solar cell.
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<p>how i increas the voltage</p>
if u use a charge controller from harbor freight tools uill be able to leave the solar set up alone.
this is to regard yr blog that u got a 5w solar panel
but this experiment is too low i am asking how to use diodes for 1watt or 50 watts thanks
how to use some diods for 50 watts...?
Not possible, this is too low poer for anything like that!
Not possible, this is too low poer for anything like that!
ple help adiagram on how diode connection is for 1w solar panel <br>
Hi brother! its wonderful. is it possible to connect them serially/ parallely to obtain more power?
WOW, that could be an interesting effect! Continue searching.

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