Introduction: How to Make Low Cost Solar Panel - Using a Silicon Diode As a Solar Cell

This is a demonstration of me using a 1n4148 silicon diode as a low cost solar cell.
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creektilghmank45 (author)2017-07-03

take some instructions from inplix to learn more about it

naqash-akhtar54 (author)2014-01-31

how i increas the voltage

astral_mage (author)2013-09-21

if u use a charge controller from harbor freight tools uill be able to leave the solar set up alone.

astral_mage (author)astral_mage2013-09-21

this is to regard yr blog that u got a 5w solar panel

mirzaman (author)2013-08-12

but this experiment is too low i am asking how to use diodes for 1watt or 50 watts thanks

mirzaman (author)2013-08-11

how to use some diods for 50 watts...?

qwerty156 (author)mirzaman2013-08-11

Not possible, this is too low poer for anything like that!

qwerty156 (author)mirzaman2013-08-11

Not possible, this is too low poer for anything like that!

rmuniko (author)2012-10-14

ple help adiagram on how diode connection is for 1w solar panel

Muthukishor Ganesan (author)2012-04-14

Hi brother! its wonderful. is it possible to connect them serially/ parallely to obtain more power?

rimar2000 (author)2012-04-12

WOW, that could be an interesting effect! Continue searching.

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