This magic slime is easy to make from household ingredients. Its a liquid, but you can roll it into a ball like plasticine, and it acts like quicksand.

Step 1: Watch This Short and Simple Video Guide.

Watch this video guide and learn how to make this amazing magic goopy slime!

Step 2: Getting Started

What you need:

  • A packet of corn starch or corn flour
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • A mixing bowl

When you have everything, go ahead and follow the instructions in the video.

Step 3: The Procedure

Watch the video guide, mix it all together and get playing with this awesome magic goo, real name oobleck! Its a non-Newtonian fluid, and children love it. Don't tip it down the drain as it could block it, so through it out with the rubbish.

<p>its oobleck</p>
<p>looks cool</p>
<p>great idea- Make lots aka bucketloads then on a hot day have a slime fight!</p>
<p>Really!!!!!!!!! Amazing lovely</p>
wow me to I think its amazing☺
I remember making this in my science class as a child. We made it at an early age, around 8 or nine years old. I had forgotten all about this stuff and how fun it was! Fantastic Mate! Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories!
Really fun!!! Love it

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