Introduction: How to Make Matcha Tea

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This will be my second 'ible and now I will show how you do Matcha tea the proper way :D

Step 1: The Materials

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You will need

Matcha (Matcha xD)

Chasen (whisk)

Chashaku (spoon)

Chawan (bowl)

You can of course use a "normal" whisk and a teaspoon or bowl but you will get the best results with these.

(if you are going to use something else than a proper chawan then atleast see that it is as big as the chawan, because you must be able to whisk it good)

Step 2: The Matcha Powder

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Take one spoon of the matcha powder and put it in to the Chawan.

(meanwhile boil the water. the water must reach boiling temperature otherwhise you will not get any "foam")

Step 3: Finishing

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Add the water (to little less than half of the Chawan, I have little too much water in the chawan) that has been resting for 4 min (after the boil)
and then whisk it until you get foam.

Step 4: Drinking It

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When you drink the matcha there are some rules

On the first zip take about half of the tea.
On the second zip take the rest of the tea leaving the foam.
Then zip up the foam after the second zip.


CulinaryTeas (author)2015-07-01

Excellent. If you're looking for Matcha, a Matcha Whisk (chasen) or even a battery-powered Whisk, at Culinary Teas we have them on sale with code MATCHA here:

the legit walrus (author)2015-06-06


the legit walrus (author)2015-06-06


the legit walrus (author)2015-06-06

You are soo cool :-) just saing...

ishiyasu (author)2014-10-27

It's awesome!! The unique fragrance and flavour of green tea go well with dairy products, so it's perfect as an ingredient in Western desserts :)

ancaf33 (author)ishiyasu2014-10-27

そうだね! 0(^_^)0 

pparker4 (author)2014-09-12

that's just awesome

TeaGalaxy (author)2014-08-08

Hi, I've been trying to brew matcha for the last few days. Does it make a huge difference in taste if I mixed with a spoon instead of a whisk? At first, the matcha was coming out very bitter, but I lowered the amount of matcha in the water. Now, it's tasting a little too bland, so I've been adding sugar. Help!

ancaf33 (author)TeaGalaxy2014-08-09

Hello , well when it comes to tea I am quite a purist, I don't think you should add any sugar or anything like that too the matcha. Yes it does a big difference if you don't have a bamboo whisk, try using a normal whisk ? , when properly mixed it will taste maybe a bit bitter but very tasty in my opinion. make sure you bring the water to a boil and then let it cool a little. ^__^ hope it helped :D

timmycutts (author)2011-09-22

This sounds like a fascinating thing to try, but I have to ask, where do you get the components for it? It doesn't seem like the sort of stuff you'd be able to get from just any old place, doubtful even an Asian grocer.

ancaf33 (author)timmycutts2011-09-22

* and the spoon I made myself of a peice of bamboo and a steamer. :P

Quinnamon (author)ancaf332014-08-05

You should totally make an instructable on how to make the chashaku! I have a lot of bamboo and would love to learn how to make useful tea tools out of it!

ancaf33 (author)Quinnamon2014-08-06

ah yes I can make that , its not that hard to make actually, currently I am making the 茶筅(bamboo whisk) So I will post an 'ible on how to make one.

ancaf33 (author)timmycutts2011-09-22

You can buy it online or in store

I can buy matcha in most asian stores here =)

But the whisk was bought in copenhavn :) and the chawan on a japanese festival :) :PPP

CeruleanPhoenix (author)2011-09-14

Will definitely have to try this, I adore Matcha tea but haven't made my own yet. Thank you!

ancaf33 (author)CeruleanPhoenix2011-09-14

ur welcome :D

Cthulku (author)2011-09-13

A thing of note when whisking matcha: you get far better foam going in a linear "M" pattern than in any sort of circular pattern. The turbulence generated at the sharp changes of direction allow more air to be incorporated into the foam. I also like to rotate the chawan 90 degrees after the first whisking (for about 5-8 seconds), then perform a second whisking. I don't know if this makes any difference, but it makes for a nice ritual.

A gentle circular stir at the end of the process helps to even out the size of the bubbles though, by popping the big ones. Also adds a nice touch to the ritual.

Good 'ible by the way!

ancaf33 (author)Cthulku2011-09-13

I agree Thanks for sharing :D

oda-marie (author)2011-09-13


ancaf33 (author)oda-marie2011-09-13


scoochmaroo (author)2011-09-13


ancaf33 (author)scoochmaroo2011-09-13

Thanks :D

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