How to make Mead (Honey Wine)

Picture of How to make Mead (Honey Wine)
Mead is super easy to make. And turns out GREAT!! (most of the time)

Depending on your Recipe. It can Take as little as a month, years, or even up to a life time for it to ferment.

The recipe I will post first is great for is GREAT for first starting out. And only takes a Month or so to ferment.

Also Mead is one cheep and easy ways to gift for the holidays.

If you have ever wanted to start to brew. This is something easy and fast to try, just don't hesitate, you only live once.

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Step 1: What is Mead?

Mead or honey wine is the oldest alcoholic drinks known to man. It is made from honey and water via fermentation with yeast. It may be still, carbonated, or sparkling; it may be dry, semi-sweet, or sweet.

Unlike beers and cider, meads (being wines) are drunk in small quantities. Therefore, we make them as strong as we can. The amount of alcohol we can make in meads is limited by the capacity of the yeast we add to withstand alcohol. And it is important to understand that yeast cannot live in a solution containing more than 14%of alcohol by volume. This is the usual amount that will destroy the yeast. But under certain circumstances and with suitable yeast the percentage might be as high as 18%. On the whole an amateur is unlikely to produce more than 16%, this is because he is unlikely to be able to carry out ferments under laboratory conditions with constantly favorable temps and a scientifically balanced must.

Depending on local traditions and specific recipes, it may be brewed with spices, fruits, or grain mash. It may be produced by fermentation of honey with grain mash, mead may also be flavored with to produce a bitter, Beer-like flavor.

Mead is independently multicultural. It is known from many sources of ancient history throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, although archaeological evidence of it is ambiguous. Its origins are lost in prehistory; "it can be regarded as the ancestor of all fermented drinks," Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat has observed, "antedating the cultivation of the soil." Claude Levi-Strauss makes a case for the invention of mead as a marker of the passage "from nature to culture."
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SusanD921 days ago

My hubby's going to love the hell out of this!

efloopy1 month ago
MariaM121 month ago

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MariaM121 month ago
tucker1352 months ago

A really great instructable but the idea of using a BTF with no order or taste makes me uneasy.

diydonut4 months ago

Have you considered using an in line check valve and a disposable inline filter? That way you can prevent sediments easily.

nikol.hasler5 months ago


Step 5: Chousing your Recipe


thrifitti6 months ago

I'm making a batch of Orange Blossom/Tupelo honey that has navels oranges in it as well. I dropped in about 25 raisins to up the tannins. The higher the tannin content, the drier the mead should turn out. I'm only making a gallon right now, as this is a test batch. You can also use a balloon with a few pinholes in it as an airlock, which is easier than waiting for a mail order airlock. It's mostly because I was impatient tho...

rjmorgan66 months ago

Hi, I have always wanted to try the honey mead with the champagne yeast and I cant find it anywhere. would any "sell" or give some up? I am interested in making this myself but want to try it first before I put forth the investment. I know laws and making spirits for yourself cross paths when someone wants to buy it but I would be glad to make sure your shipping and handling cover your costs. My father was a moonshiner from way back and I learned that process from him but I am not a moonshine drinker. I want to start my own family tradition with mead.

ringofiron made it!6 months ago

Has anyone tried the strawberry guava yet? I made a batch of the honey lemonade a few months ago and it turned out amazing!! I used some fresh honey from our local apiary. I also set my brew pot in some ice water to quickly cool it down before transferring into the fermentation vessel. I was going to try the strawberry next but was just wondering how it turned out...

MyJourney7 months ago
Daryaa7 months ago


The temperature is °C or °F?

Thank you!

macvicar8 months ago

Instead of lemonade, could you use apple juice concentrate?

have you ever made or tasted mead with maple syrup? Wondering what that would be like. Great article thanks

kristina.myer10 months ago

wait. not wate.

nived.retsel10 months ago

I make homemade brew all the time and it is easy as can be. it is only complicated if you make it complicated. I get the best results from using a juicer to make juice from fruit (last time I used white grapes) however it is cheaper to use 100% juice from the store. Make sure the juice has no Corn Syrup in it, it will produce a low -alcohol, low quality wine. It needs to be kept in a place that is warm and dark while fermenting and give it at least 1 week to ferment, add 1 cup of sugar per every 2 quarts of Juice and make sure the sugar is completely dissolved and the liquid warm before adding 1 packet of Yeast, the better yeast you get the better quality, Sometimes (because I do not live near a winery) I just use bread yeast from the store (1 packet for 2 quarts) this will get the wine to about 12% alcohol by volume (twice as strong as beer) if you get champagne yeast called Cuvee, it will be between 16 to 17% ABV. also you may want to get fining tablets to refine the wine before bottling, always store wine on its side in a cool and dark place and rotate the bottle every 6 months.


drinking a homemade apple wine brought me here, but coincidentally I am playing skyrim at this moment as I look this up. Lol

Skyrim brought me here

same here my fellow dovakin

lostbord999 (author)  TheBlackSharpie2 years ago
Welcome friend
What about storing in canning jars should that be okay ?
learnelite1 year ago
I find that while it may be irresponsible, I often store my kombucha (it is brutal, 14% alcohol and tastes like whichever fruit I used for the second fermentation) in plastic bottles. I brew in a huge open top mason jar, but it requires anaerobic and aerobic fermentation, whereas mead uses only anaerobic.

I think I'm gonna make your prep mix for mead and dump a SCOBY in for the process.

Yum. Kombucha mead!

i think plastic bottles are fine, as long as they're food grade. plus you don't have to worry about bottle bombs.

I don't want to use the lemonade concentrate; can I use the acid blend along with dextrose instead?

henryr1231 year ago
Im brewing some cherry Meade as we speak I'll let you know how it goes
HI ive never brewed or have tried to brew anything afor, and im simply wondering on an average of course how much the cost would be to set up equipment wise?
All you have to do is go to Costco and they sell kits of regular wine. they will outfit you completely and will get you going for about 120.00. this includes a complete wine kit to start brewing. than you can use it for what ever you want to make.

this website gives a little tutorial on how to get stuff to make mead from your local store. if you want the equipment in this instructables, the glass carboy is about 45 bucks the airlock and bung is like another 2 bucks.

www.morebeer.com is a good website to look at brewing equipment.
pottsie42 years ago
I'd really like to try this, but only have 1 gallon carboys. For the quantities, is it as simple as to divide the original by 5, including the yeast (I'm a bit confused here)?

5lbs of honey = 1lb honey
2 lbs Sugar = 0.4lb sugar
5 tsp Yeast Nutrient = 1tsp Yeast Nutrient
4 cans of Lemonade Concentrate, 12 oz cans  = approx 10 oz of Lemonade Concentrate
1 packet Champagne Yeast = ? The yeast packets are only small, would I still divide this or still use the whole packet?
Filtered water = filtered water / 5

aplummer13 years ago
yes im was wondering if you could post a simple one page ingrediants and supply list please?
lostbord999 (author)  aplummer12 years ago
I soon will be creating a new Instructable. More user friendly
Meuryn3 years ago
Jesus Christ that's a big bottle.
lostbord999 (author)  Meuryn2 years ago
All the more to drink my friend!
Buckshott003 years ago
I like heavy Carbonation in my drinks have you ever tried force carbonating your brews?
lostbord999 (author)  Buckshott002 years ago
I have not. There are tablets that many beer makers use when bottleing to crate carbonation.
xiutwo3 years ago
what do you think about using a peach concentrate instead of the lemonade?
lostbord999 (author)  xiutwo2 years ago
as long as it is pure concentrate of peach. no artificial anything, then your goood to goo!
ryebreadz2 years ago
From what i understand about fermenting, you only need the lemon juice for the citric acid to help ferment the honey. Can you tell me the percentage of acid in 4 cans of lemonade from concentrate? Im trying to figure out how many lemons I should use instead. Also those cans contain a small amount of sugar as well.
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