How to make Mexican Discada

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Discada is a typical dish from northern mexico, it gets its name because traditionally you make in a used plow disc thats been welded shut.

Anyway discada is an alternative to a barbecue and the perfect excuse to have a beer with your friends.
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Step 1:

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The most important part of the discada is well the disco that in reallity is a used plow disk that has been welded shut and in this case it has an added border and handles. But you can get creative and use another thing for cooking it, maybe a large wok , skillet or something like that could work out.

Step 2: The ingredients.

Ok so now we need the ingredients to make our discada.

For each kilogram of meat you will need about 300-350 grams of everything else (except for the seasonings).

So heres the list:

Meat ( i use a cut thats called pulpa bola thats taken from the back and shoulder area of the cow).
Bell peppers.

The seasonings:

Step 3: Lets start cooking!

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13 discada.JPG
14 discada.JPG
Ok now comes the fun part, cooking the whole thing.

Turn on your gas burner and set it at a low(ish) flame you don't want it to hot, then you add some beer to the disco (from the same beer your drinking), and you add the bacon to that and let it simmer for a while, when it's been sitting a while in the beer (about 5 to 10 minutes) you take the bacon out of the beer and just move it to the side of the disco so it releasesome grease and keep cooking on the side.

Step 4:

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16 discada.JPG
Add the sausage to the beer broth and let it cook for about 5 to 10 minutes, after that move the sausage to the side and add the ham to the broth and again let it cook for around 10 minutes just like the sausage and again move it to the side of the disco.

Step 5: In goes the choriso

Picture of In goes the choriso
18 discada.JPG
Add the choriso to the broth, stir it a bit and let it simmer 10 to 15 minutes, and again move it to the side, you can also put it on top of the others meats.

And now to this broth you add the meat and also the seasonings (garlic, salt and pepper), stir it a bit so the meat gets full of flavor but don't mix it with the other ingredients just yet.

Step 6: A little secret.

Picture of A little secret.
20 discada.JPG
21 discada.JPG
This is the part were the meat releases its juices and some of its flavor, so to hold it in a little more we put a lid on top of the meat and leave it there for a while (about 10 minutes) till it releases some of its flavors.

Step 7:

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23 discada.JPG
24 discada.JPG
Now remove the lid stir the meat a little and let some of the broth reduce.

Once the broth has reduced a little mix everything up, if your a real carnivore like me give it a try now it tastes meaty and great.

Step 8: Given it some color

Picture of Given it some color
26 discada.JPG
27 discada.JPG
28 discada.JPG
29 discada.JPG
So in this step we are gona put some color to it.

First we make a little crater in the middle of the meats and put the chopped bell peppers and about 3 jalape�some kick to it.

Then we add the onions mix it up a bit and add the tomato and mix it some more.

Now that everything's cooked put some tortillas on top of ity heat up, make some tacos and enjoy (who needs plates and fork when you have tortillas and your hands).

Have a great time and enjoy your new love fot discada.
LittleWolf6 years ago
Please make an instructable on a home made contraption to make tacos al pastor xD D: Como extraño Mexico y sus comidas revienta-arterias! Con una salsita de aguacate y limon...

Man there is no rule out there that says you have to use a vertical rotisserie to make good al pastor. Any Mexican market worth its salt will have picadillo de al pastor (chopped meat for, well, al pastor). I just used a locking grill basket to make some last night and the tacos were just as good as if I bought them at the taqueria.


joreknight (author)  estebbins11 months ago

I make al pastor tacos on my stove, no need for any other contraption, promise I'll post an al pastor instructable real soon, oh and when i'm not in the mood for pork, I use smoked swordfish or fish for my al pastor tacos.

joreknight (author)  LittleWolf6 years ago
Well i don't have a home made contraption for tacos al pastor but in the week ill make a tacos al pastor 'ible.
Why do you list the only seasoning as "Jalape�tional)"?
Haha, I can't imagine someone adding 300 grams of Jalapenos to that.
joreknight (author)  nutsandbolts_644 years ago
Forgot about that point, actually it's more like 5 or 6 smallish jalapenos o 5 or 6 equally sized serrano chiles.

Since this 'ible i've modified a bit the recipe, now instead of wasting tasty tasty beer, i first render some fat from some beef offcuts and in that fat, fry the jalapenos or serranos, and after that i continue with the recipe as is, but without using hot dogs.

Gives the meal a whole different tang to it.
FtForger5 years ago
What kind of sausage did you use? In the picture it looks like 'hot dogs' (frankfurters, wieners, etc)
joreknight (author)  FtForger5 years ago
yeah you can use your generic hot dog, in fact the cheaper the better, well sort of, the whole spirit of discada is having a good meal with friends without brakeing the bank
geezerbird6 years ago
Phwoarhhhhh!!!! Oh man, that looks GEORGEOUS!!!!!! My mouth is dribbling so much, I'm doing an impression of Niagra Falls!!!!!! I'm making this meat made heaven this weekend.
joreknight (author)  geezerbird6 years ago
give it a review once you try it!
Pandalegacy6 years ago
WHOA meat explosion! I need to try this!
l8nite6 years ago
that looks REALLY good! what side dishes would normally go with this?
joreknight (author)  l8nite6 years ago
It's a whole meal by itself, just get some tortillas some nice salsa and some cold beers and your good to go
Calorie6 years ago
That, is a lot of meat. I'm not a vegetarian or anything...but that is a lot of meat. It looks like a creation from a NY Deli, except it's Mexican. A NY Mexican Deli.
joreknight (author)  Calorie6 years ago
You can also add potatos and mushrooms to it. But the more traditional way is like te one in this ible, also if you want you can skip the part of putting sausage in, or make variations of those ingredients. Enjoy.
psymansays6 years ago
mmm... I'm going to have to try this at my next BBQ with "mi familia".
depotdevoid6 years ago
Oh my god, I should not look at this website just before lunch . . . That is possibly the most delicious looking thing I have ever seen.
canida6 years ago
Wow, this looks good!