Have you ever wanted your very own Minion like the ones from the movie "Despicable Me"? Well now you can! This instructable will show you how to make the minions shown in the pictures above; as well as give you tips, and ideas to customize your own. 

Step 1: Materials and Tools

The materials and tools needed to make a minion will vary greatly depending on what is available, and how you decide to personalize/customize it. 
To make the minions in the overalls, you will need the following:

-large Kinder Surprise Egg (Any size egg will work, but the larger eggs are easier to work with)
-1 or 2 plastic or metal bottle caps
Seam ripper for making holes in the yellow capsule(A hammer and nail could be used instead of a seam ripper, but I found that the seam ripper worked really well)
-Needle nose Pliers
-Glue Gun with glue sticks
-Paint palate
-Paint Brush
-Permanent Markers, Pencils and Pencil Crayons with Pencil Sharpener
-Acrylic paint-Silver/grey for goggles; For the eyes: white, black, and another colour for the iris
-Clear nail polish
-Scrap Fabric for overalls, and band for goggles
-Thread and needle, and possibly a thinmble (especially if you do not have pliers)
-Thick thread, embroidery floss, or wool/yarn
- large needles (Be prepared to break a couple of the needles.Do not use important/expensive needles, and if/when they break, dispose of them properly so that no one hurts themselves.)
-Something to fill your minion with to add weight- beads, (1/2 cup of perler beads worked well), sand, small rocks, other minions...*** etc.
-Scott towels/newspaper or whatever is available to prevent a mess

***See Step 7 .
LOOVE minions! Now I can actually make one on my own! Thank You!
Super cute!

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