Step 5: Hair

For the minion in the brown overalls, the hair was composed of thin wire. 
Holes were made in the smaller half of the capsule with a seam ripper. Then small pieces of wire were cut, threaded through the holes, and bent to keep them from sliding out. 

The minion in the blue overalls had more realistic hair made from yarn. Just like the other minion, poke holes in the smaller half of the capsule using a seam ripper. Take a strand of yarn and thread it into a large needle. Starting on the outside of the capsule insert the needle into one of the holes and pull it through using pliers. Then pull the needle and yarn out again through a nearby hole. Pull the yarn until the first end is the right length, and then cut the yarn on your end to match its length. Alternatively, instead of cutting the yarn after each time you pull the yarn through, leave the yarn in large loops, then cut them all at the end. Either way, continue adding hair until you are satisfied with how it looks.
LOOVE minions! Now I can actually make one on my own! Thank You!
Super cute!

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