If one minion is not enough, why stop? 

This step will show you how to modify the previous steps to create a set of nesting minions. 
The materials are mostly the same, except that you need three different sizes of Kinder Surprise eggs. The regular 20g eggs can be found in most Canadian grocerie/corner stores, and pharmacies.  The larger 100g egg, and the Kinder Surprise Maxi, which is 150g, may be harder to find. They are usually sold during during certain holidays such as Christmas and Easter.  I found both the 100g, and the Maxi eggs at a pharmacy during the Christmas season. If anyone knows more about where or when to get  kinder surprise eggs please comment.

Make your minions as described on the previous page, but make sure they can still be opened. Especially pay attention when putting in the arms of your minions. I put the arms in where the two capsule halves meet, so in order to open them up to make nesting minions, I had to cut the the upper half of the capsule around the arm, as shown in the third picture.

For the female minion, I used orange yarn for the hair, buttons for eyes, scrap fabric to make a dress, and thinner wire to make the arms more easily bendable. The dress was made the same way the overalls were made for the previous minions, with the adddition of a pleated skirt part that was sewn on. 
For the baby minion, I used embroidery floss for the hair, slices of glue stick for goggles, black yarn instead of fabric for the band for the goggles, and thin wire for arms. 
Each minion has perler beads in them so that they can stand on their own 

Once each minion is made, open them up and place them inside of each other.
LOOVE minions! Now I can actually make one on my own! Thank You!
Super cute!

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