How to Make Miss La Sen Chain Stitch Embroidery.




Introduction: How to Make Miss La Sen Chain Stitch Embroidery.

Miss La Sen icon is nice for someone. They like to use this icon on some items.

Step 1: Use This Miss La Sen Pattern to Embroider.

Step 2: Cut Out the Frabric Into the Square With 35cm Long and 35cm Wide.

Step 3: Draw the Miss La Sen Pattern on the Transparent Glass Paper.

Step 4: Cut Out the Pattern on the Glass Paper and Draw It on the Fabric.

Step 5: Use an Embroidery Hoop to Add the Fabric Between 2 Parts of the Hoop.

And use the brown embroidery floss and an embroidery needle.

Step 6: Apply the Chain Stitch to Embroider.

Step 7: Puncture the Needle Through the Back of the Fabric, After That Puncture It Through the Front of the Fabric .

Step 8: Make a Loop With the Thread.

Step 9: Use Satin Stitch to Embroider Her Eyes and Her Tongue.

Step 10: Done. You Have Miss La Sen Chain Stitch Embroidery.



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    Who is miss la sen

    that's the fairy fictional character on cartoon clips, comic book and games. On her body, there are some lucky and protective symbols