Miss La Sen is a nice nurse in the fairy Sorim town. Some child like to possess Miss La Sen's craft items.

Step 1: Download Miss La Sen Pattern and Print It Out in A4 Size Paper.

Step 2: Use a 20cm High Wooden Plaque, a Pencil and a Wood-pen.

Cut out the Miss La Sen template.

Step 3: Use the Pencil to Trace This Template on the Wooden Plaque.

Step 4: Use the Wood-pen to Calk It and Draw the Hearts to Decorate, Write the Name of Your Kid.

Step 5: Use Oil Painting to Paint the Blue Color on the Bow, Aodai, and Her Shoes.

Step 6: Paint the White Color on Her Face, Pants, Ears, Hands.

Step 7: Paint the Pink Color on the Flower on Her Right Ear, Her Headband, Her Cheeks.

Step 8: Paint the Pink Color on the Hearts and Draw the Big Stitch Around the Wooden Plaque.

Cut a small cordage to hang this plaque.

Step 9: Done. You Have a Miss La Sen Wooden Door Sign for Your Kid.

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