Introduction: How to Make Miss La Sen Wooden Keychain.

Some people think that when using Miss La Sen keychain, they will have good luck and prosperity because of the meaning of symbols on her body. You can make a Miss La Sen craft wooden keychain simply.

Step 1: You Can Use This Miss La Sen Head Template for Drawing.

Step 2: Use a Wooden Plaque to Make Keychain.

Step 3: Draw Miss La Sen Head on the Transparent Glass Paper.

Cut out it.

Step 4: ​Draw This Pattern Glass Paper on the Wooden Keychain in Pencil.

Step 5: Use the Wood-pen to Calk This Drawing.

Step 6: In the Other Side of This Keychain, You Can Write Text “ Hi La Sen – Miss La Sen”.

Step 7: You Can Draw This Pattern on the Other Keychains.


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