Picture of How to make Mr. Doomsday
Hey Everyone,
Most of you have heard of Mr. Doomsday. Now you can build it for yourself. 
Mr. Doomsday is a single shot pistol that can shoot any rod (sniper rods included), Oodammo, and gray clips. It gets 60 - 65 feet with Oodammo, and about 45 - 50 feet with gray clips. Those ranges are with 2 64# bands. It has a bullet lock, and a nice handle that uses no black wheels. Also unlike my other guns this uses no cut parts. 

I'm sorry if the instructions are bad. This is only my 22 instructable. lol
Let me know what you think. It only takes a few seconds.
Don't forget to:

Step 1: Part count.

Picture of Part count.
White: 4
yellow: 16
green: 8
red: 6
light gray: 5
orange: 5
gray: 1

Gray/black: 1 (Use black if you can.)
yellow: 1
blue: 1
white: 25
green: 55

Odds and Ends:
y connectors: 13
ball joints: 6
tan clips: 2
blue clips: 2
back & blue hinge: 1
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Skye-R1 month ago
Awesome. I added a a silencer to mine
15, 3:29 PM.jpg
yes post it (if it has good range :D)
h3nkp00nz0r3 years ago
I made a oodammo mag for this pistol, works great, no jam and no double shots; Should I post it?
Me gusta
I guess that's a yes? After easter i'll get on it ;)
Thanks, do you read meme too?
When does the narwhal bacon?
At midnight.
how can i make the ammo don't fall out?
NatNoBrains4 years ago
See my slide show for a red dot sight mod!
The Jamalam5 years ago
Hmm. Reminds me of the ZLG. But it does have a different trigger.
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  The Jamalam5 years ago
Different trigger and it shoots ten times better. The ZLG only got 20 feet or so.
really good best oodammo gun eva, idea: make the handle into a grey clip mag, but make it so you can shoot the gray clips and if you want you can put in a oodamoo
 REALLY?? not for me..... i had great success!! hell i even made an awesome mod and posted it as a new gun!
Really? I got it to go 70 feet.
Mine got around 30 or 40. I like this better, though.
~Z~ Raikou-san5 years ago
Mine got around 50-60......
~Z~ ~Z~5 years ago
Wow...I built another ZLG and found out That I missed a part on my 1st one... But the weird thing is that the one with the part shoots much weaker....
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  Raikou-san5 years ago
Make sure you don't have too strong of bands on the bullet lock.
 I'm testing my disposable ammo with this, lets hope it shoots further....
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  knex_mepalm5 years ago
What are you using for ammo??
 The paper ammo I made, no one even dared to look at it for a long time. It does have very good potential. Good 50 feet on this gun. 5* and...oh wait I already subbed.

Can you post a picture of it?

 I found out I can take pictures on my webcam...My built in one...lol
here's the picture. I need a video to show 50 feet. That might come in roughly next week. And besides, I haven't been active in a while...
 I'll post a vid of me shooting my ammo with this gun tomorrow maybe.
paper lame huh
My paper ammo?

Nice how you fixed it up.
good job, 4.5*.
KNEXFRANTIC5 years ago
nice but in my opinion i think it would be infinatly improved with a mag

Cool, Let me know how it goes.

=O this gun is amazing!!!!!!! best oodammo single shot ever!!!!!(that ive made)5* and fav

it was the only oodammo single shot at the time

Can you post a review of it??
May i make a review?
Killer~SafeCracker (author)  PindaHoofd5 years ago
Sure, if you wanna.
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