Step 7: Step 6

Picture 1: Build these
Picture 2: Then add them to the handle
Picture 3: Get these rubber bands. 
Picture 4: Add the band to the trigger
Picture 5: Add the band to the bullet lock.
Wow with 4 64's that thing hurts like no one buisness
Yup, that's one thing I like about it. :-)
Left a huge welt on my cousin moowahahah.
<p>Woh. I'd be interested in doing the same thing. XD What rubberband(s) size and amount did you use?</p>
&nbsp;hahaa!!<br /> <br /> thats fun to type!!!! MOOWAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!<br />
That's nice....
<p>Nice pistol! The only problem that I had was that if you dry-fired the gun (shot it without inserting ammo first) the bullet lock would fly off. Still, a great gun!</p>
Awesome. I added a a silencer to mine
yes post it (if it has good range :D)
I made a oodammo mag for this pistol, works great, no jam and no double shots; Should I post it?
Me gusta
I guess that's a yes? After easter i'll get on it ;)
Thanks, do you read meme too?
When does the narwhal bacon?
At midnight.
how can i make the ammo don't fall out?
See my slide show for a red dot sight mod!
Hmm. Reminds me of the ZLG. But it does have a different trigger.<br />
Different trigger and it shoots ten times better. The ZLG only got 20 feet or so.
really good best oodammo gun eva, idea: make the handle into a grey clip mag, but make it so you can shoot the gray clips and if you want you can put in a oodamoo
&nbsp;REALLY?? not for me..... i had great success!! hell i even made an awesome mod and posted it as a new gun!
Really? I got it to go 70 feet.<br />
Mine got around 30 or 40. I like this better, though.<br />
Mine got around 50-60......
Wow...I&nbsp;built another ZLG and found out That I missed a part on my 1st one... But the weird thing is that the one with the part shoots much weaker....
Make sure you don't have too&nbsp;strong of&nbsp;bands on the bullet lock.
&nbsp;I'm testing my disposable ammo with this, lets hope it shoots further....
What are you using for ammo??
&nbsp;The paper ammo I made, no one even dared to look at it for a long time. It does have very good potential. Good 50 feet on this gun. 5* and...oh wait I already subbed.
<p>Can you post a picture of it?</p>
&nbsp;I found out I can take pictures on my webcam...My built in one...lol<br /> here's the picture. I need a video to show 50 feet. That might come in roughly next week. And besides, I haven't been active in a while...
&nbsp;I'll post a vid of me shooting my ammo with this gun tomorrow maybe.
paper lame huh <br />
My paper ammo?<br /> <br />
Nice how you fixed it up.<br /> good job, 4.5*.
nice but in my opinion i think it would be infinatly improved with a mag<br />
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH looks ausome! ill start buliding soon =P<br />
<p>Cool, Let me know how it goes.</p>
=O this gun is amazing!!!!!!! best oodammo single shot ever!!!!!(that ive made)5* and fav<br /> <br />
lol<br /> it was the only oodammo single shot at the time<br /> <br />
Can you post a review of it??
May i make a review?<br />
Sure, if you wanna.
I will see if i have time.<br /> I think i will be making a video with it too. (I maybe say anything wrong because i am not English.)<br />
sure :D<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>

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