Introduction: How to Make Mrs Pacman Using Clay (animation)

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This will show you how to make Mrs Pacman and the four ghosts; Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde.

whats needed:
sharp edge (anything flat will do)
yellow clay
red clay
blue clay
pink clay
orange clay
white and black clay

Step 1: Making Mrs Pacman

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mrs Pacman has multiple shapes from moving the mouth open and closed, to dieing.
-to start make 3 round circles to be the body.
-as seen in the picture below, cut open a small triangle piece out of one circle and a larger one in another.
- leave one circle the way it is.
use the spare cut out pieces as smaller version of Mrs Pacman (when she starts to die)

Step 2: Mrs Pacman's Bow

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the bow is made from tow small triangles and one small ball
the trick to make this work is to put the triangles on first then the ball on top to join the two together

Step 3: Ghosts

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(if want a different ghost use a different color)
to make the ghost from Mrs Pacman you want to start with a pill like shape useing any clay color but yellow, white and black
- you have to slice the sides with the sharp edged to make the sides look flat
- use the edge to cut small triangles out of the bottom of the ghost and this will give you your ghost shape
-for the eyes create small white circles with black dots in the middle.
stick the eyes on the upper half of the body and then your ghost will be complete

Step 4:


poofrabbit (author)2012-11-07

Well done! That looks great!

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