Today I'm going to show you how to make Mustache Birds. They don't really have mustache's on them but you can add a mustache if you want. The mustache makes up the two birds body. I hope you enjoy it :).

Step 1: What You Need

You need 
- The color black (or a different color if you want the eyes and wings to be a different color)
- The color orange (or a different color if you want the beak and feet to be a different color)
- The color red (or a different color if you want the body to be a different color)
- Paper

Step 2: Make the Heads

To make the birds heads you have to draw two circles side by side with the color you want the body to be.

Step 3: Make the Body

To make the body draw two almost full crescents with the body color. This will make it look like a mustache outline. 

Step 4: Color It In

Color in the mustache outline with the body color.

Step 5: The Eyes

Add two semicircles using the color of the eyes.

Step 6: Beak and Legs

Draw 4 feet and two beaks with the color you want.

Step 7: Wings

Use the wing color and draw 2 w's.

Step 8: Optional:Bow

If you want you can add a bow to one of the birds so you know which bird is a girl.

Step 9: Optional:Words

You can write Somebirdy Loves You on the front and Happy Mother's Day on the back. Or you can write in your own words.

Step 10: All Finished!

You Finished Yay!
That is adorable. I am definitely making this for my mom.

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