Picture of How to make Naruto Kunai
This is a pretty cheap and simple way to build kunai from the anime series Naruto. They are pretty light and durable. This is my first instructable and it is for fun, plz dont flame.
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Step 1: Gather the Materials..

Picture of Gather the Materials..
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\clay.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\GlueGun.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\handle clay.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\foamboard.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\g1114.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\white tape.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\ruler_small.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\sandpaper.jpg
5 mm. foam board (plenty of it)
1 1/2 cm. wooden dowel (long enough for a handle)
Air hardening clay
Oven bake clay (enought for a ring)
Templates (provided as a picture)
Hot glue gun
Hobby Knife
White tape

Step 2: Making the Ring..

Picture of Making the Ring..
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\Picture 002.jpg
First thing is to make the ring at the endof the Kunai. Take the clay (i used oven bake for the ring), and roll it into a spagetti shape. Then roll it into a ring shape that fits ur finger as shown. If you used the oven bake clay like me, bake the clay and put it aside, if not, just put it aside..

Step 3: Making the Handle..

Picture of Making the Handle..
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\Picture 004.jpg
Next job is to make the handle. take the wooden dowel, and cut it to a size that fits your hand. For me this was a little over 3" long. Once your done cutting, just put the dowel aside.

Step 4: Making the Blade!!!

Picture of Making the Blade!!!
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\Picture 006.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\Picture 007.jpg
Ok now this is the hardest and longest part. Take the templates provided and cut them out. Next trace One of the big templates and 2 small teplates onto the foamboard. Cut out the shapes form the foamboard; you should end up with 1 big piece and 2 small pieces. Next, trace 1 small one onto the top of the big one, same for the other side. Then glue a small piece onto the big piece on each side. Let it dry, and the next step will continue with the blade.

Step 5: Blade continued....

Picture of Blade continued....
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\Picture 013.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\Picture 012.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\My Documents\My Pictures\KUNAI\Picture 011.jpg
The 1st pic is wat ur suppposed to hav for now.. Ok continuing with the blade.. The next step after the blade dries is to sculpt the clay on. First just load the clay onto the sides of the blade on both sides, dont worry if it doesnt look right, b/c we will sand it after it dries.
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Sorry guys but kakashi beats all of them combined to a pulp
J_Alena10 months ago

not too good...

Zadoc7 years ago
Naruto ROCKS!(and so does Ramen!)
Sorry to say, but Shino pwns Naruto times infinity and beyond. Shino will send his buggers behind Naruto and be all DEY SUCK YOUR CHAKRAZAM! I PWN T3H W0RLD!!
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don't you mean drunken fist and any way you saw (i hope) what Naruto did to all three of Orochimaru's walls you dont even want to know what he could do to a normal non-sennin ninjas
Naruto is only strong because he is the main character. If Shino was the main, he would pwn you all too hard.
hey jirya(Pervy Sage)would disgust them alll to death with his perveyness
Jiraiya is a n00b. XD
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But the kikai bugs would suck out his chakra, making him useless, and they'd then get into his system, or poison him.
are you talking about naruto or jirya
craig3 chemy9997 years ago
chemy999 craig37 years ago
good because if you were talking about naruto there is no way the bugs could suck out his chakra sorry about misspelling jiraiya
craig3 chemy9997 years ago
even still, and i'm sorry to should like such a nerd but now that he only uses normal chakra as in he doesn't use the fox anymore the only thing that would stop the bugs is the pure amount of chakra he has but even then shino would be able to circulate the bugs so they don't explode
Yah he does he went 8 tail before when he thought Hinata died even though he didn't want to. (spoiler)
chemy999 craig37 years ago
huh ime just saying if the we re somehow able to suck out naruto's normal chakra he still has access to the near infinite amounts of chakra that the fox has and besides aren't the friends?
craig3 chemy9997 years ago
no, you don't understand. naruto doesn't use the fox's chakra AT ALL anymore, with the necklace tsunade gave him and the techniques that Yamato uses, he doesn't use any slightest bit of the fox's chakra and cant call it forth, the only time it comes out now is when he trains to hard and it breaks through Yamatos technique and sends one of Naruto's clones into four tails fox killing clones and creaking stuff. but besides that i don't see why shino would need to use bugs on naruto unless it was for an exam
yeah but i think he'd be able to stop them with some technique, if anything he'd be able to stop them with his hair but thats a last resort
Camisado craig36 years ago
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 but naruto pwned pein in sage mode(spoiler)
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if shino were the main character then your screen name would be Uzamaki Naruto and the names naruto and shino would be switched arount in your comment
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Kiba and Akamaru have this thing where Akamaru takes a drip on the enemies to track them.
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