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So there he is... Your Love Squid Norbert. If you have a go making one... let me know, and let me see your end result!
My friend Natalie and I came across this and decided to make squids one day. Being craft amateurs, we strayed a bit from the steps. (In fact, she hot glued hers.) But we had a great time and love our squids. Thanks!
That's awesome! I wouldl ove to see what you came up with! Lets see some pictures!
Brilliant, but you could do with a quick spell-check.<br /> <br />
Will do, The spell checker doodad wasn't working... But I'll have a go over it after the cakes out of the oven... For&nbsp; a dyslexic I don't think its all that bad hehe<br />
Done and done :D<br />
you could also make a smaller egg warmer version! That would be awesome!<br />
It's a possibility... I'm off camping this weekend, but If&nbsp; i do make one, you'll be the first toknow ;)<br />
He's adorable!<br />
hehehe i know, I don't want to let him go now! Might have to make another, less adorable one for the show<br />
Cool my grand kids would go nuts over this.&nbsp; as for the spelling some peep should read the works of EE Commings&nbsp; his spilling might catch a lot of flack but as an author he has put a lot of cash in his pockets. After all Money,,, Thats what writing good works is all about ! GOOD LIBLE. <br />
Thanks Fred<br />

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