Step 2: Cut-em-up!

What we need do first is to mark out and cut out our Squids head.. For this I marked out a 12 " by 6 " rectangle, and marked the midpoint... you can JUST about see if in the picture

Using the mid-point line, we now have to draw the shape of the squid. If we draw HALF the shape, then fold the felt over, when we cut out... It will give us a symmetrical squid!

So to get the typical squid shape, I drew around something round , then basically free handed the rest, I have gone over my markings in marker so you can see them in my pictures!

Then all that is left to do is cut out. Because I will be blanket stitching the edges, the seams will be visible, so make sure that the side you mark on is the 'inside' of the fabric, so that when you have finished your Norbert, you won't see your marker pen marks


My friend Natalie and I came across this and decided to make squids one day. Being craft amateurs, we strayed a bit from the steps. (In fact, she hot glued hers.) But we had a great time and love our squids. Thanks!
That's awesome! I wouldl ove to see what you came up with! Lets see some pictures!
Brilliant, but you could do with a quick spell-check.<br /> <br />
Will do, The spell checker doodad wasn't working... But I'll have a go over it after the cakes out of the oven... For&nbsp; a dyslexic I don't think its all that bad hehe<br />
Done and done :D<br />
you could also make a smaller egg warmer version! That would be awesome!<br />
It's a possibility... I'm off camping this weekend, but If&nbsp; i do make one, you'll be the first toknow ;)<br />
He's adorable!<br />
hehehe i know, I don't want to let him go now! Might have to make another, less adorable one for the show<br />
Cool my grand kids would go nuts over this.&nbsp; as for the spelling some peep should read the works of EE Commings&nbsp; his spilling might catch a lot of flack but as an author he has put a lot of cash in his pockets. After all Money,,, Thats what writing good works is all about ! GOOD LIBLE. <br />
Thanks Fred<br />

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