How to Make Olympic Medals





Introduction: How to Make Olympic Medals

Well I'm sorry everyone but i had no idea I should do this till right now, I made this in class for a little Olympic competition  for gold, silver and bronze medals, so HMice and I did our own medals for a mime it was lots of fun so here is what you need:
1. Duct tape
2. Piece of cardboard or paper
3. Sparkles
4. Pen
5. Super glue
So ...lets get started!!!

(We used sparkly foam in gold and silver)

Step 1: Getting Started!!!

First, double over the duct tape to make a long, non-sticky ribbon. Then, after it is long enough cut it in half. (we made two medals)

Step 2: Lets Get Sparkly!!!

Well now get your piece of paper or cardboard and get your super glue and pour it on the cardboard (or paper), and put the sparkles on so you can no longer see the cardboard or paper.Now your done now wasn't that simple!!! FINISHED!!! MY FIRST IBLE EVER! Thanks to everyone for their support escpecially Sunshiine dusk shadows and hmice!



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    ha, send one to katie taylor :D

    katie taylor, irish lightweight boxer who won gold ;)

    ok, ive never heard it before :)