How to Make POP-UP Card for Christmas - Angel POP-UP Card





Introduction: How to Make POP-UP Card for Christmas - Angel POP-UP Card

Let me show you how to make an Angel POP-UP Card for your Christmas....sending a DIY greeting card is always better than buying a real card from gift shop or or just sending an e-card. because your friends won't throw it aways and keep them for a long time.

Template are in Microsoft words format: you can download the template at my personal blog at

Step 1: Combine Them Together

combine them together

Step 2: Combine Them Together

combine them together

Step 3: Completed


Step 4: Template

The Template are in Macrosoft words format, you can download them at my personal blog at



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    you can get the real template at you shouldn't put this stuff on your website if its not yours

    Thank you Arvind! Nice to be able to go to the true source. Awesome stuff he's got there on his site too!

    But that is a fun site!  Thanks for the link!

    Thank you! I just spent the last 20 mins trying to find out a place that tells how to make these, and I finally found one! (:

    I will be making a lot of these!  Would be great to send someone who needs a pick up!

    Be hard pressed to make one out of these one would.. The popup site in the top comment was pretty cool though.

    this is going to be sweet, I'm going to make dozens of these

    sweet! thanks! I adore the pop-ups!

    Cool! different way to do this kind of card. Thank you.

    thank you, ive always wanted to do this! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!1one