Introduction: (How to Make) Pacman Thingies.

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This is a guide how to make things for your own pacman.

Step 1: Needed.

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You need: 1 paper circle, 4 papers with this size, like 2x2 inches. (1 is red, another 1 is blue, the third is pink, and the last is orange.) Sorry about the photo, you see blue, yellow and orange plus a yellow circle. The yellow one (NOT the circle) is wrong.
And you even need a scissor and glue.

Step 2: The Squaries.

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You see there is drawn on the papers, except the circle. Thats true, because you must draw that on the papers. Keep the circle empty, because that's needed.

Step 3: Cutting.

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Forget the circle. Cut the papers on the lines, like on the picture. On pic 2 they are nice.

Step 4: Using the Glue.

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Fold the line double, like on pic 1 (left a small part opened (because you see that)).

Step 5: Using the Glue Again.

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Use the opened part for the glue, on pic 1, to stick it on the rug of the ghost (pic 2). Do this with even the other three, and you got a ghost-family!

Step 6: Circles.

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You now just have a circle. Fold it 3 times \, /, and |, and this is it (pic 1, 2 and 3.) Fold it fully (twice, as on pic 4 and 5) and fold it (a bit) back as on pic 6, like as a Fortune Cookie. (maybe it's too small, so if it IS, re-do this step, but with a bigger circle.) Now your fingers could fit in the under-place, so check step 7 for the "End"!

Step 7: Go Play Pacman!

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Pic 1 shows an example for the playing. Play with your parents, friends, everyone!


penguini88 (author)2011-07-06

Super cool! I hung them on my bedroom wall with all their the names and made stories with them for my little cousins!! Just so you know they are called ghosts not thingies.

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