Step 2: The Sweet Process

Because Sugar can burn the yolks of eggs, you never want to add it to the eggs until the moment before you add another ingredient, in this case hot milk.

When the milk is warm and getting hot mix together the eggs and sugar/starch mixture in a large bowl. The bow will need to be big enough to hold the hot milk as well as this mixture. With a whisk beat the eggy mix until it is a light color and well blended.
Turn off you milk as it should be rather hot and steaming by now. You may want a helping hand because the next step can be tricky if you're not used to it. We are going to temper the egg mixture.

Tempering a a process by which a certain something, in our case eggs and milk, creates thermal equilibrium. By that I mean the milk is hot and the eggs, unless you left them out a while, are probably cold. If you poured the eggs straight into the milk the proteins would seize and instead of a homogeneous emulsion you would have hot sweet scrambled eggs! We don't want that so we are going to make sure to line up all the fats and proteins in the right order at the right temperature so we can have a smooth and well textured product.

If you don't have anyone to help, pour the hot milk into a container that will not overheat as you hold it and preferably has a handle. Pour a little bit of the hot milk into the bowl with the egg mixture and wisk until combined. Repeat. When you have added half of the milk begin pour it all in at once to the eggs while whisking vigorously. Once this has been combined and is frothy pour it back into the original pot and turn your range heat to medium high.

Important: Rinse out the bowl you have just used, you will need it later. Place it in the freezer.
Sorry about the flag! I use my phone and hit it on an accident. <br><br>Made this today. Turned out great!
no worries, glad to hear you made it. this is my standby for pastry cream. good recipes are half the battle. what will you be using it for?
I'm definitely going to make this... with heavy cream! YUMMY!!!! ;-D<br><br>Great work!
I have never tried it with heavy cream let me know how it turns out!<br>Thank you

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