Custom convertible mittens (AND How to make clothing templates)

Picture of Custom convertible mittens (AND How to make clothing templates)
In this instructable I will show you how to make fabric patterns for any article of clothing you can think of! (this method can also be used to make armor patterns for any cos-players out there).

In the photos you will see me make templates for convertible fingerless mittens! I will add the download link for the template at the end :)

Materials required:
Cling wrap
Masking tape
Whatever Fabric you are using for the article of clothing
Sewing machine to sew all the parts together

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Step 1: Prepare the limb

Picture of Prepare the limb
For the first step, prepare the part of your body that you will be making templates for.
This means remove any thick article of clothing leaving bare skin where you can

Step 2: Cover with Cling Wrap & Masking Tape

Picture of Cover with Cling Wrap & Masking Tape
First wrap cling wrap around the limb, in this case the gloves I am making are mittens and so my fingers (index to pinky) are wrapped together in clingwrap while my thumb is wrapped individually. Best to put cling wrap on an area larger than the area you want the clothing to rest on.

Then wrap the area with masking tape, be sure to make as few folds in the tape as possible. Try to use strips of tape that are not excessively long as this is the main cause for having to fold tape over. Dont wrap the tape around tightly as you may have it on for a few minutes and you dont want to cut off blood circulation, gently wrap tape around the area.

*NOTE* due to using cling wrap the limb you are working on may get quite sweaty... just warning you!

Having trouble downloading the file
Be sure that you are clicking on the download button and not the priority download button as that is just for passing members of 4shared :)
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krsprops (author) 1 year ago

because the tutorial is really meant to show how to make the templates for your own custom pair rather than sewing my pattern together, I didnt take any photos of the sewing process sorry :( what you can do is you can pin it together the way you think it goes together to check before actually sewing it! What I can easily tell you is that you will want to sew the small thumb piece and the finger sections on first! Thats a mistake I made and had to unpick and re sew :P

Could you provide some instructions on how to sew it together?
lmperkins1 year ago

Nice instructable!

very nice and useful instructable.