Picture of How to make Pepper spray at home!
In this instructable, I will be showing you how to make your own Pepper spray at home!

Commercial Pepper spray is made using capsaicin, the active chemical in chillies. We will be extracting capsaicin from chillies using acetone solvent extraction. We will also add a pepper extract for coughing and sneezing effect.

DO NOT WORRY, there is no complicated chemistry involved in this instructable.
I am not responsible for any harm you cause to yourself, or others, in the process of making, or using, these chemical solutions.
Be very careful with this as it causes coughing, sneezing, temporary blindness, and severe pain.
Please note this is illegal in certain countries and should only be used where it is legal. Only for use in self defence.
The effects will only last for 30 seconds, but the pain may last longer.

Step 1: Equipment and ingredients

Picture of Equipment and ingredients
First, you will need to get a few pieces of equipment and ingredients together.

Coffee filter papers
3 small glasses
A funnel
250ml acetone

10 chillies (scotch bonnet chillies or hotter. hotter is better!)
About 50g of ground black pepper
Food colouring of your choice (I used red)

I find it hilarious that one of the Related 'ibles on the right side column is one called, "How to make a man fall in love" lol
oolala170 (author)  ArtisanEclectic7 months ago


rimar20002 years ago
This is good to deter dogs, when you are biking. Some weeks ago one of them bit me.
thedigi3212 years ago
this would be awesome
oolala170 (author)  thedigi3212 years ago

Will the acetone remain in the finished product at all?

tman.phoenix5 months ago

Could I use nail polish remover instead of straight Acetone?

Yes, Acetone is nail polish remover. Buy a tin of acetone it is cheaper.

Jesse-pinkman7 months ago
Jesse-pinkman7 months ago
10 chillies is alot it did not look like you had 10 chillies in that cup
oolala170 (author)  Jesse-pinkman7 months ago
I didnt use 10 chillies in the photo as I had already done this step, and I was just repeating it for the instructable. Ten chillies should be the right amount:)
Jesse-pinkman7 months ago
10 chillies
Delaney10 months ago

this is an old instructable but an improvement to this would be take a highlighter and soak it in the water before adding the pepper extracts. it will add a phosphorescent effect under UV light so you could possibly identify an attacker.

Techno Boy1 year ago

I don't understand step 4 , what do you mean by repeat step 2 ....? what do i do with the pepper (powder)

oolala170 (author)  Techno Boy1 year ago
Mix the pepper and acetone. Mix it and filter it. Wait until the acetone evaporates.

Ok , Thanks .. Now it's clear , You can also you may add bleach or soap to make it more effective

thehbird1 year ago
color not colour
oolala170 (author)  thehbird1 year ago
I am English, and that is the English way to spell 'colour'.
Oh cool! Didn't know that thanks :)
sometimes you can find a aerosol can where the air can be refilled via base. just put the mix in the top through the used up can. then refill the PSI. (DO NOT EXCEED 100 PSI THOUGH MIGHT EXPLODE)
kathynv1 year ago
I saw he price tag on your acetone and was shocked. You can get pure acetone at your drug store or cosmetics supply (mine is a CVS) right with the nail polish remover. I recently paid under $4 for a 300 ml bottle. Hope this helps.
I pay about $3 for a pint of pure acetone @ Wal-Mart.
oolala170 (author)  kathynv1 year ago
yh I buy mine off amazon but i had run out and really needed some
omg! I love this! it is a lot cheaper this way than to just get a can at the store!
illuminatis2 years ago
we did it the old school way back in my highschool days, soak about a pound of dried cayanne in high proof rubbing alcohol, filter, then boil off the alcohol. put it in a nasal spray bottle, you're all set. PS, afrin bottles "mist" so it's more like tear gas.
oolala170 (author)  illuminatis2 years ago
yeah you can use alcohol, or any solvent but you want the least poisonous. also you would want hotter chillies than cayenne peppers. nasal spray is a good idea!
ilpug2 years ago
Good idea, although I would combine this with two extra ingredients to make it more effective.

Go to the store and get some penetrating muscle rub, OR teatree oil. Both of these help medication or mixtures to better enter the skin, causing a longer and more intense effect. Plus tea tree oil smells really strong, and is a hard odor to get rid of.

Another ingredient is to go get a high quality highlighter pen and take the ink out of it and mix that in. Most commercially available sprays have dyes like this in it to show up under UV light, so your assailant can be more easily identified later by police.

oolala170 (author)  ilpug2 years ago
that is a great idea! I could also put in vicks menthol rub which really stings the eyes