How to make Pixel Cookies!

Picture of How to make Pixel Cookies!
This is a walk through on how to make Pixel Cookies! It involves using a playdough extruder to make long square rods of cookie dough, and building yourself a cookie. It's a lot of fun!
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Step 1: Make the dough!

Picture of Make the dough!
For the cookies, I use the butter cookie dough recipe from Cooks Illustrated. I chose it because it's designed to be a very durable dough that still results in tender cookies. Also, it doesn't have baking soda or powder, so the cookies don't puff much during baking. You might even be able to use store bought dough if you wanted.
I don't have many detailed pictures for mixing up the dough, since it's fairly straight forward. Here's the recipe.

2.5 cups flour,
3/4 cups sugar, blitzed in a food processor until fine
1/4 tsp salt
two sticks of butter, cut into 1/2 inch pieces, at room temperature
2tsp vanilla extract
2tbs cream cheese, softened

Using a stand mixer, mix the dry ingredients, then add the butter piece by piece, and process until the dough looks wet and crumbly looking.
Toss in the cream cheese and vanilla, and keep going until it starts to form large clumps (30sec).

Step 2: Color time!

Picture of Color time!
At this point, I separate the dough into smaller balls, and mix up a palette of colors. You can also just keep the dough off-white, and mix in the color later as you need it. However, this is a bit more troublesome, since it leads to the dough being much more squishy.
Anyway, add a few drops of each color and mix it in, either by hand or with the mixer. For a brown color, just add cocoa powder until it looks dark. A lot of cocoa powder will change the texture of the dough, though, so use it sparingly.

Once you have everything mixed to the color you want, wrap it in saran wrap and squish it down into disks. Place it in the fridge for a hour or two until the dough is stiff. This keeps things from getting too squishy during the cookie making process.
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This is ridiculously clever!!!

Its fantastic
Lance Mt.4 years ago
need alternative to playdough utilities!?!
You could use a clay gun. I'd suggest to use a new one or one only used for baking purposes before.
try dollar stores drug stores and low end stores for knock offs though i did see the original still for sale on amazon
Maybe one of the bags used for icing patterns with a square nozzle?
nice one
Kgirl9242 years ago
You can get the Play Doh Fun Factory at Walgreens if there is one in your area. You can check online to see if the store in your area has it. That's where I got mine. You can go to their website and order it online if you don't have a Walgreens in your area but right now I think they are out of stock online. Hope this helps someone. =)
Awesome! ;-)
St Jimmy4 years ago
Obviously don't use mint-flavored dental floss!
jobard St Jimmy3 years ago
Why not? It could be tasty...
bshin13 years ago
So cute and so cool! I love using different tools to make cookies and other baked goods. ^^
dvoss4 years ago
im make nyan cat
TheGreatS4 years ago
You make my mouth water.
dodo914 years ago
mareea5 years ago
awww i have this one instead of that one =(.. wich one of the outputs can i use? t_t

pd: sorry for my crappy english x_x
Bartboy mareea4 years ago
You don't HAVE to use a playdough extruder. You could just roll out long pieces of dough, the flatten each side and make less-than-perfect squares.
yea but using the extruder is quicker though i bet if you knew what you were doing you could make a better one out of metal
Ward_Nox mareea4 years ago
Amazon sells to old version of the fun factory (several combos sets actually) it's only the 50th birthday version that dosen't have the right shape to make thse
oooooh, looks yummy 5*
EvlPwnda4 years ago
Best use of a Play-Do extruder ever! Pixa-liscious!
Ward_Nox4 years ago
just fyi you want This version of the fun factory: cause the 50th Birthday fun factory:
Iridium74 years ago
No Space invaders? Shame on you sir!
chilll20094 years ago
that is sooo cool! I'm favoriteing this for sure!
argosxilow5 years ago
I just made a batch. Everyone is in love with them! Thanks for making me cooler :D
matstermind5 years ago
you could add this to the Kids Crafts Contest.
BrittLiv5 years ago
OMG how long did it take you to make all these. I made only one type and it took me about three hours...
Absol5 years ago
Wow! It is so cool! Thanks! You're a Pixel-Cookie Master!
Plasmana6 years ago
That looks amazing!
Lance Mt.6 years ago
Well... Thanks.. Yeah Thanks ALOT! Now i have to go buy a playdough extrutor and make cookie dough and get my food colourings out!
limpport6 years ago
This dough has no binder!!!! It stayed crumbly for me, even after the vanilla and cream cheese. I used one egg as a binder for the dough, and it came out PERFECT!!!
Ward_Nox6 years ago
been looking for a playdoh fun factory since i saw this
lolcat3606 years ago
they look SO GOOD!
Nashella6 years ago
Hi, this Instructable is just awesome! I love everything which puts together food and geek things! but I'm French and i'm not sure how much is a "stick of butter" ? In France sticks of butter are 250g (0.551 lb) weight.
Eva Funderburgh (author)  Nashella6 years ago
The ones I've been using are 8 tablespoons / 1/2 cup / 1/4 pound / 113 grams. have fun!
Love them
roso6 years ago
love the cookies! for the recipe you have, about how many cookies does it make?
Eva Funderburgh (author)  roso6 years ago
it's pretty hard to say. The original cookie recipe says it makes 36 to 40 cookies. However, there's so many variables for the pixel cookies (how many pixels, how thin you slice them) that it's hard to guess. I think I general end up with two cookie sheets worth of cookies, if that helps.
Teh_Fluff6 years ago
faved, great idea
PKTraceur7 years ago
Your instructable is going to be added to my cookbook. Honestly. -RA
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