Picture of How to make Plant Markers from recycled materials
After years of slicing up plastic yogurt containers to make weatherproof markers
for my plants, I realized I could get a lot of raw material from just one mini-blind.

A standard Mini blind will yield 160 plant markers!
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Step 1: Assemble Your Supplies

Picture of Assemble Your Supplies
garden marker instructable 008.jpg
Find a used venetian blind.  
I went to Freecycle and asked for broken venetian blinds had several
offers in an hour. 

Next find a pair of kitchen shears, a wash basin, a sponge, a towel,
some dish soap and a few magic markers.

Step 2: Separate Slats and Chop them into Segments

Picture of Separate Slats and Chop them into Segments
garden marker instructable 010.jpg
garden marker instructable 011.jpg
garden marker instructable 012.jpg
First snip the nylon cord which keeps the slats in place.
Then Remove each slat from the blind assembly.
You will find roughly 80 slats in a standard blind.

Next, using the even breaks created by the holes in each
slat, chop each one into three pieces.  
When I did that I ended up with 160 short segments and
80 long segments. 

Step 3: Wash and Dry all of the Segments

Picture of Wash and Dry all of the Segments
Dump the segments in to a bowl full of warm soapy water, and
agitate them.  Gather a handful of slats at  time, and use a sponge to
wipe them clean, rinse them a few times, and then dry them with a towel.

A paper towel will not work well :-(

Step 4: Fashion Points and Round Edges - Make Stakes

Picture of Fashion Points and Round Edges - Make Stakes
garden marker instructable 015.jpg
garden marker instructable 016.jpg
garden marker instructable 017.jpg
garden marker instructable 018.jpg
To produce half simple stakes and half T shaped markers
(The blind I used had 80 slats; so I was able to make 80 stakes and 80 T shaped markers.)

Make 3 piles of the plastic slats:
A) the long ones,
B) half of the short ones, and 
C) the other half of the short ones. 

Use the shears to cut the slats and form your new garden markers.

For all As and all Bs:
Cut one end to make a point
Pointing one end of the plastic slat will make it glide into the earth easily .

Next cut a curving edge on the other end to make them smooth.

For all Cs
Cut a curved at both ends of the slat

You have now finished making the stakes.