How to Make Polar Panorama With Photoshop





Introduction: How to Make Polar Panorama With Photoshop

My English is little so sorry

Step 1: Finding

Find or make a panorama picture

Step 2: Resizing

And to square width size (for example: from 2000x650 to 2000x2000) "Image>Image size"

Step 3: Rotating

Rotate 180° "Image>Rotate Canvas>180°"

Step 4: Polaring

And use polar coordinates filter "Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates" Select "Rectangular to polar" and click OK


Step 5: Action

This is 2000x2000 Photoshop action. Click PLAY and enjoy

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is it possible to do without photoshop? any software?!

Sorry I dont know

easy and simple... way.. its just need a
android/ iphone/ipad smartphone. install Google Camera for android
/Photo Sphere Camera for apple (both made by google... itself.. ) .
now take photo in photosphere mode by google camera or PhotoSphere Camera just it take maximum 1 min.. to take.. and if you have good ram in phone the rending of photo will take 30 secs.. you can use panorama mode to.. but best result like the mate iSuat shows here you get by photosphere mode...
and then the surprise app Tiny Planet FX pro for android / tiny planet for apple... buy it.. its 3$ app for Indian users..
and open that photosphere photo in tiny planet and vollah you got your planet...
there is much to play in tiny planet.. but that's the simple photo you get as soon you open photosphere image in tiny planet...
just in 2 mins you can make your planet any where any time because its cellphone people carry every where.. simple and easy.. i attach sample that i took... just helping buddy.. but the action you made is superb well work..


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is it possible to do without photoshop? any software?!

Yes, I've tried. It's works (google translate)

I dont write english. Comments made with google translate