Picture of How to make Polar Panorama with Photoshop
My English is little so sorry
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Step 1: Finding

Picture of Finding
Find or make a panorama picture

Step 2: Resizing

Picture of Resizing
And to square width size (for example: from 2000x650 to 2000x2000) "Image>Image size"

Step 3: Rotating

Picture of Rotating
Rotate 180° "Image>Rotate Canvas>180°"

Step 4: Polaring

Picture of Polaring
And use polar coordinates filter "Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates" Select "Rectangular to polar" and click OK


Step 5: Action

This is 2000x2000 Photoshop action. Click PLAY and enjoy
polar.zip323 bytes
wazzup3335 years ago
Im using photoshop CS4 and dont have "Polar Coordinates" only diffuse glow, glass and ocean ripple in the distort menu..  Have I misunderstood or am I missing something in photoshop?
Very nice! It works just as well in GIMP, and only took about a minute to set-up. It works best if you have a landscape composed of at least half-dozen frames.
alaoeneye6 years ago
This art work is marvelous.You know since i was a kid , my dad had photoshop and no engineer he hired could use it, but this instructable has taught the real value of photoshop.Thanks instuctable