How to make Polvoron(philippine powderd milk candy)

Picture of How to make Polvoron(philippine powderd milk candy)

People now a days are looking for recipes as good as Goldilocks

now i have made a recipe that tastes like goldilocks...

Step 1: Ingredients:

1cup flour
1/2 or 1/4 cup butter or margarine(butter is better)i used 1/4 it didnt go well, actually it is according to your mixture
1/2 sugar
2/3 or 1/2 cup milk(I suggest using Nido Fortified)

if making more just make this as the ratio.

materials to use:
wooden stick
cooking pan(try not using tefal)
molder(you could make more if you use the oblong shape)
mixing bowl

Most important thing needed

Step 4: After cool down

When it is not that hot anymore put in the powdered milk

then mix....mix....mix.... till both is mixed together

Step 5: Melting the butter

Picture of melting the butter

Skip this step if you have melted the butter at the first step.

if not, melt it!!

Step 7: Melted butter

Picture of melted butter

put the melted butter in to the mixture and


Note: make sure there will be no hard parts or that would mean that you didnt mix it well..

Step 8: Then last: Mold the overall mixture

Picture of then last: Mold the overall mixture
just use the molder  to form the desired shape

if you want the quality of Goldilocks use the oblong shaped molder.

Step 9: Refrigiate

Picture of Refrigiate
make it cool so that the powder wont collapse.. let the butter harden in the refrigirator

Step 10: Thank you for reading this instructables!

Picture of thank you for reading this instructables!

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lizm5677653 years ago
@bowow0807 yup! it gets stuck to the roof of my mouth and i tend to freak out if i dont have liquid!
souichi (author)  lizm5677652 years ago
you may add butter so that it wont be too saggy.
randofo3 years ago
Perhaps you can explain to those people who are unfamiliar what Goldilocks is?
Goldilocks is the name of a Filipino food establishment. It is widespread here in the Philippines. They sell Polvoron as well.
souichi (author)  tipaklong3 years ago
r_chesca23 days ago

how much po yan ?

If I am making the same amount of recipe, how many polvoron can I make?And if we want To make more(for retail (500pcs.)), what is the right amount of flour butter milk and sugar that we are going to use. :)the reasong why we're making a lot because we're going to sell that to students in our school for our project in TLE. :)
pls answer as soon as you can (for our grades in TLE) :)
EdwardG11 month ago

How many polvoron candies does this yield? (using this quantity) I am planning to make a lot. :)

lvenus3 months ago

Where can I buy the baking powder?

i miss soya polvoron. for me, it's the best of all polvoron. it's been 20 yrs since i last tasted one.
i miss soya polvoron. for me, it's the best of all polvoron. it's been 20 yrs since i last tasted one.
cfaulkner61 year ago
is it okay if i prefer to use bear brand as the milk?
souichi (author)  cfaulkner61 year ago
Sorry late reply. Yes you can use bear brand but the taste will be different.
bowow08073 years ago
BEWARE they can kill!!! always have water nearby!!