Step 11: Recipe 2: Chicken and Sherry Potjie

1 kg chicken portions
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp cooking oil
2 large onions
300 g button mushrooms
300 g frozen peas
8 large carrots, sliced
Black pepper
1 bay leaf
125 ml water or more
125 ml dry sherry
250 ml sour cream

Heat the potjie up. Chop the onions and fry them in butter and oil in the "potjie" then add the chicken and fry it until brown. Turn down the heat. From now on do not stir anymore. Layer with mushrooms, peas and sliced carrots. Add seasoning, add the bay leaf in the middle and a half a cup of water. Cover and simmer for about 1 hour, by which time the food will have a good sauce. Now add the sherry and sour cream, but do not stir, and simmer for another 30 minutes. Serve with bread to soak up the sauce.

Note: It serves 5 to 6 people in a number 3 "potjie" and takes about 90 minutes
Hello may i use it over a gas stove...on flames?
<p>Hi VK8,<br>Sorry I took so long to answer. You can use the traditional cast iron pot on coals, over flames, on gas and, if it has a flat bottom, even on a normal electric stove. Hope this helps. </p>
Hello,<br>I live in Mauritius and ive just bought a potjie but i didnt know at all about the south african tradition of cooking on coal. May i use it over a gas stove?
There is a similar tradtion with a similar cast iron pot in the midwest USA, called Dutch Oven Cooking, from the cowboy days. It is fun to see how different cultures are alike and different at the same time. How do you pronounce potjie?
Hey CatTrampoline,<br><br>You must realize that the original settlers (pioneers) in South Africa were Dutch who came here in 1652. Strangely enough also in three little ships just like Christopher Columbus. So many of the traditional cooking originated with the Dutch probably the same way it did in the midwest.<br><br>Pronunciation:<br>In the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) &quot;potjiekos&quot; is pronounced poiki:kos however for those of us who do not know IPA here is a layman's pronunciation explanation. Its P as in pig followed by the OI of koi (the fish), then KEY then just K then the OSS of toss and you has POI-KEY-KOSS, &quot;potjiekos&quot;.
Hey howzit. Love your ideas to put in a potjie. Potjies are heavy! The result is worth it.
I've had this before! It's delicious! Here are the photos of it that I took. Shame the pots are so expensive here though, so we can't have them here :(<br><br>And the guy in the wheelchair is not me, by the way.
Yep, it looks delicious! These pots are expensive. They are normally thick cast iron and quite heavy but they do last a life time. You should try a normal pot, on your stove, with the heat on its lowest (after you have done the meat). It works just as well.
That sounds like a good idea, I wonder why we had never thought of that before! Thanks for suggesting it!
I am too hungry for this to comment! LOL
Now that's the way to talk buddy. You'll get me making one all over again!
Okay! Please send express to: instruc tables for sunshiine! I will be sure to thank you!
Mmmm poitjie!!! It's been TOO long! Nice 'ible. Brought back some memories. :-)
siafulinux,<br>Then its time to make new memories buddy. Start up another &quot;potjie&quot;!<br>
Lekka! You have taken away the mystique from this ancient practise. I will certainly give it a go here on Mud Island (the UK)
&quot;Howzit&quot; Gerrit, <br> <br>I tried to demystify this ancient art because there is no security in obscurity. I purposely chose a very simple dish so anyone in the world could make it. Give it a shot bud, you will not be sorry!
Nice one boet, another tip that might be helpful to some is to layer the ingredients based on their cooking time. The longer it takes to cook the lower it should be in the pot. I think i'll be trying the chicken sherry potjie next.
Newton, you are so right about that. I will edit the instructable and add this. I will also add two or three more recipes. Thanks for that comment.

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