How to Make RC Car Body Clips





Introduction: How to Make RC Car Body Clips

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make free RC car body clips to keep that body on when driving at fast or slow speeds. Or, maby not at all?

Step 1: The Materials

For this tutorial you will need:

-1 paper clips (depending on how many you want to make)

NOTE!!! One paper clip only make one body clip unless you use a large one and you cut it in half!

Step 2: The Bending of the Paperclip

Not bend the paperclip out straight.

Step 3: Finishing It Up

No, bend it to make a "U" shape, and that the basic design!

Now, push it through the tiny holes, and tighten.



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I have a bandit and thats my last traxxas their OK but they just in general they have crappy deigns , LOSI RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I beg to differ...I had a 2wd Traxxas Slash...and no matter what I did to it it NEVER kept coming back for more...meanwhile my friends Losi he couldn't keep it running for more then a couple jumps..his was electric as well...AE stuff is crap too...I had an RC18B and the ball diffs sucked in it....

ShortCourse trucks in general are very durable, not just the Slash, as for AE sucking, I have an 18T and a B4, B4 is incredible. and the 18t is the worst RC Ive had. So, it's not so much companies, as much as specific vehicles.

yea, i guess that's true. Though for SCT trucks..I heard that the Losi Strike won't go a lap with out falling apart...and I see them on R/C forums dirt cheap because no one want's them.

Great ible check out my rc ibles too :)

nice rustler i have a stampede and an emaxx the stampede is the orignal but i put a velnion in there

Great instructable, I'm always losing these things.

Yeah, I got her used on eBay, and It worked well, but the battery was junk that it came with. Then, I lost a few part when flipping over, and now the bell-crank broke!