Rainbow Loom Bracelets made with the Triple Diamond pattern are really simple to make, (unlike Triple Diamond Ski Hills). I made this one using the Rainbow Loom 2.0 which includes a much nicer metal hook, but you can just as easily do this pattern with a paper clip and two fingers. There are lots of choices in elastics from glow in the dark to neon, to scented. So you don't have to use the colors I picked. (or the flavor).

The triple diamond design is an easy beginners Rainbow Loom design. It is short so you can either make a ring, bracelet, necklace or lanyard. The triple diamond pattern is great in alternative to the standard single or even the fishtail designs.

Step 1:


Make sure you have all the needed materials

· Rainbow Loom

· Hook tool

· 12 bands x 3 in alternative colors

2. Make sure the Rainbow Loom is in alignment, make sure that all three rows should be parallel to each other. The Rainbow Loom should have the “openings” of the pegs facing forward, not toward you.

3. Start with the first color A band, second B band, third C band.

<p>Very pretty! I love the colors!</p>

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