How to make Rainbow Loom triple single without a loom

Picture of How to make Rainbow Loom triple single without a loom

this is a very easy project so that you can make a beautiful bracelet without the loom

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need

you will need 2 forks (plastic or metal), bands, s or c clip, and your fingers!

Step 2: Preparing materials

Picture of Preparing materials

Place the two forks back to back and hold them in that position until you complete step 5

Step 3: Color choices

Picture of Color choices

Take your first color

Step 4: Twisting band

Picture of Twisting band

twist your first band and make it into a figure eight.

Step 5: Placing bands

Picture of Placing bands

place a band in a figure eight across all of your fork pegs on each side

Step 6: Placing the bands

Picture of Placing the bands

Take your next color and put it on the last tongs going straight across.

Step 7: Placing the bands 2

Picture of Placing the bands 2

place a band straight across the two middle tongs so your forks look like the ones above.

Step 8: Placing the bands 3

Picture of Placing the bands 3

place your background color (the color you started with) below the second Colour so you have second color on top and first color on the bottom

Step 9: Pulling over bands

Picture of Pulling over bands

Image 1: Pull your band that is under your second color on both sides

Image 2: You forks should look something like this image now

Image 3: Add another layer of bands on each side

Image 4: Add another band under the previous layer in image 3 and pull the purple (in my picture) bands over on each side of the fork

Image 5: You folks should look something like this image

Step 10: What it should look like

Picture of What it should look like

Keep adding layers of bands as in step 9

This is what it should look like along the way :)

Don't forget to pull it down every 1 or 2 layers!

Have fun!

Beth.ten.Have3 months ago

Using forks is a great idea :). I don't understand what you mean in step 8, though. Could you please explain another way what exactly we need to do there?

i dont understand can u show e how to do it on hands?

sc441071 year ago
could you show me how to do it on your fingers
jtat1 year ago

I don't understand

I've never seen anyone use a fork as a loom like that. Sharp!