Picture of How to make Room spray/perfume from almost anything
You would think it would be really hard to make room spray that smells great without the right equipment but you would be wrong its actually quite easy in this instructables i Will show you how to make perfume/ room spray.

Step 1: Ingredients

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To make this you will need, whatever you want your spray to smell like for example lemon orange rose ginger cinnamon.
                                                  A sifter of some kind
                                                  two pots 
                                                  a bowl 
                                                   some water and ice/snow
                                                  double boiler works better then all these pots though 
wilgubeast2 years ago
Cool project. What a great way to prevent A: spending too much money on fancy scents or B: spending too little money and having your living space smell faintly of mall restroom disinfectant. (You've got some weird text formatting issues that look like the result of copy-pasting from a word processor. Fix those and this is an excellent project.)
Zibri2 years ago
...or flavoured vodka :)