Picture of Roswell Aliens
Hallloween 2010 068.JPG
This project could also be titled "How to spend two weeks covered in plaster and clay, being completely frustrated, and having your family and friends think you are nuts." But...the aliens came out fantastic and as we count down the days until Halloween, I become more and more excited to show them off in our Area 51 display.

Materials used:
* 18" plastic skeletons
*  Foam alien heads (purchased online)
*  Expanding foam
*  Plaster of Paris
*  Plaster material (sold in a roll at Michael's)
*  Modeling clay
*  Spray Paint

Step 1: Alien Anatomy Lesson

Picture of Alien Anatomy Lesson
Purchase 18” plastic skeletons. Remove head. Remove arms and legs. Remove hands from the arms and feet from the legs. Reattach the hands to the leg bones and the feet to the arm bones. Reattach the legs where the arms were and the arms where the legs were.
repguy20202 years ago
To rip off a David Bowie song - loving the alien. Nice job. I like the WiB costume too!
tinker2343 years ago
wow i love the look i wonder if i could make them in a talking fourm oculd you post your hibrten cell chamber bulid i lke that idea