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Introduction: How to Make Salad for Bearded Dragons

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this will teach you a the way to prep cut and preserve collard greens and mustard greens for bearded dragons. my first instructable.

Step 1: Get a Nice Warm/hot Bath in the Sink Going.

your going to want to throw your greens into the sink with the water and stir em around for about a good i would say 2-5 minutes most stores do NOT clean their produce leaving dirt and god knows what on it. so its good that you take all the stuff off before giving it to your lizards!

Step 2: Cutting Out the Stem for Easy Storage.

next your going to want to cut out the stem from the whole leaf. just the stem. as its shown below. then if your like me and keep super king worms in the house i like to gut load them with the stems to not waste anything.

Step 3: Preping for Surgery Sir!

so by now you have a mustard green lead that looks much like the one below just like a leaf but you know missing the ENTIRE CENTER!
then your gonna grab that and roll it into a a sort of roll i really dont know how to explain it but um just grab an end and start rollin'.

Step 4: So Youve Got Your Little Leaf Rolled Up Nice a Snug!

and then the fun happens the way i cut it is down the middle and then in small section horizontally.

Step 5: Fill Er Up.

so then you grab the container your using to store your greens in the fridge you want to use something breathable if you have a spare net around the house that is ideal i did not so i used the glamorous cactus cooler carton! you just repeat the steps before this and fill it up to the brim MIST IT AT LEAST TWICE A DAY! your greens will stay fresh at least a week. before they start to wither.

Step 6: Happy Lizards!

And that concludes it! there is your guide to happy (fed) lizards handle them regularly and they will love you back for it!



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    Always have lot of colors in there

    Your boy isn't very happy in this pic (black beard). He's probably thinking, "Get off the computer and give me some more lovely greens!" Great 'ible. Mine likes mustard greens, collard greens, kale (great for calcium), baby carrots (OMG does he love his carrots), and dandelion greens. He also gets superworms from the pet store.

    Every dragon is a little different, but the basics are all the same. Rubberized shelf liner to keep the tank clean, a good diet, and some lovin'. They love to snuggle and have GREAT personalities. (I think they are more expressive than dogs sometimes.)

    Keep making 'ibles. You're doing great.

    wuw, that is so weird!! your dragon looks just like mine!!

    if anyone knows, what size tank does a full grown need minimum ind where 2 get 1

    a75 gal is good a125 would be wonderful!

    look online for a local reptile store. i keep my boy in a 40 gallon tank.

    look at mine bearded dragon care and dude thank you for picking up my slak

    yea there is a lot wrong with your guide. bearded dragons actually REQUIRE 60 % Greens, And 40 % crickets meal worms (clean) roaches and such gut loaded of course.