Step 3: Tools and procedures

Picture of Tools and procedures
You can make very small quantities and put them into glass jars or small food grade plastic buckets. Especially if you want to try different recipes.

You should work as clean as possible, to eliminate the chance of unwanted bacteria growth.
Of course, your raw material (cabbage) should be free of mold or other unhealthy spots. Remove the outer leaves, just in case. Cut out any unhealthy spots after you removed the outer leaves.

To finely shred the cabbage, you can use a chefs knive, but it's much easier and faster to use a dedicated shredder like on the picture. Maybe you already have something similar in your kitchen.

Since we make a larger batch and have access to a electric shredder, we use it of course.
We shred a layer of cabbage, then we add some salt / spice mixture and some of. onion / horse radish. After a couple of layers, we add some wine and stamp it to extract the juice and further mix it.