Step 2: About the Syrup


There are premixed syrups available for sale on several sites including Soda Club and Prairie Moon.

I prefer to mix my own syrups.

I purchase concentrated soft drink flavorings from Prairie Moon Beverage Company in 4oz 120mL bottles.

I sweeten my soda with Generic Aspartame (Equal or Nutrasweet). You can use almost any kind of sweetener that you prefer. I've never used sugar, so I'll provide a link to Prairie Moon Beverage Companies Recipe Page.

Prairie Moon syrups can also be used to flavor coffees, ice cream, and in mixed drinks.

Prairie Moon offers 41 flavors of concentrated syrup flavorings. I'll include a list of these flavors on the last step. They are continuously adding new flavors to try out (they also drop the most unpopular - they can't all be hits).

They are sold in 4oz 120mL bottles. Although you can buy individual bottles of syrup concentrate, the price is reduced for larger orders. Order 24 bottles and the price is only $2.49 per bottle. You can pick any variety of flavors for the order. You could purchase 24 different flavors in that single order. The choice is up to you.

I ordered 12 bottles in an assortment of flavors with doubles of my favorites. Since it was my first order I didn't want to do the full 24 until I'd tasted them. Now I'd have no problem ordering 24. These flavorings are DELICIOUS. I can also mix them with my favorite sweetener and to the strength that I choose.


There are huge possibilities for cost differences. I like a lightly flavored, lightly sweetened, highly carbonated soda. If you like a different style your costs and measurements will be different.

Costs change drastically with quantity also. I can only tell you what it costs for me.

*I rounded all Metric conversions to what I think is probably the common size used.

* * For example the 4oz bottle of concentrate actually contains 118mL. I used 120mL for the calculations.

* * A single serving in the U.S. is 16oz, that is 473mL. I used 450mL for the single serving conversion as I think that is the standard size used in many countries.

Please let me know if you find a large error. Small mismatches in conversions are probably because of the simplification of measures.
<p>Hello Eveyone i'm new here. I have came across this page as i dream of creating my own soft drink and putting it on the market. I have questions though, is it legal to use any syrup to make your own drink? </p>
<p>sounds amazing to drink but still looks expend!!!</p>
I have a carbonator and some Italian syrup. I would like to make soda at home and I have read that citric acid is needed to give it that soda tangy taste. Does anyone have a recipe for making soda from syrup?
I also use a sodastream carbonator but I was not impressed by the included soda syrups. I purchased Torani Italian soda syrups in multiple flavors, raspberry, lemon, ginger, ad hazelnut. to make a glass first pour about 3-4 tablespoons of the syrup in a glass of ice. Then fill it with carbonated water and add 1-2 tablespoons of half and half or heavy cream.
Not the same I like store bought better nice instructable though!
I have a SodaStream that looks almost the same as that. It is great you can even buy pre-made syrups with the sugar in them if you are feeling extra lazy! It was one of the best kitchen gadgets I've ever gotten! Making your own syrup flavours by boiling fruit juices and sugar down is fun too!
you can get Sodastream. <br>SodaStream has a refillable/replaceable gas bottle and <br>you can take it to the specialised shop (in my case, Australia has Big W) <br>and i'm pretty sure u can use any flavour.... <br>you can get a SodaStream pack, which has a CO2 injector, flavour samples and a SodaStream soda bottle
"Generic Aspartame, or Sugar, Sweet-n-Low, Splenda,..." Should be a disclaimer here. Chemicals aren't meant for consumption
If you're drinking soda artificial sweeteners are the last thing you should be worriedabout.The studies on hfcs are much worse.By your logic food is not for human consumption.Being that everything in nature is chemicals
Do an internet search for Stevia Natural Spring Water Flavor.<br>Stevia is an all natural sweetener
You are right mate. Before using Aspartame you should Google it.
but when you buy a diet soda the sweetener is aspertame, equal and sweet-n-low are bot aspertame. I believe what he is referring to is store-brand fake sugar.
does it taste as good as coke? or does it taste homemade?
I like the flavors a lot. Coke, Pepsi and other colas all have little flavor differences. The Cola from flavor is also it's own cola taste. I like it just as well as the commercial brands.
Unfortunately there are "epicures" such as my wife who can tell the difference among the varieties of cola-flavored drink. About 20 years ago we were able to get authentic Coke syrup from the guy who sold us our old home soda maker (Scandinavian - I forget the name). We haven't found any distributors since who will sell Coke syrup in home-use lots. If anyone here has any information on whom to contact for genuine Coke Classic syrup, I'd be very grateful.
You could contact a restaurant distributor, they are really big companies, the one the restaurant I worked for used provided for half my province, although I suspect they'd refuse you or charge prohibitive costs. The better way would be to become friendly with a restaurant manager that serve it in fountain and ask if he could get an extra syrup box for you next order although s/he might make some money off that so try a few places.
Check out warehouse stores (SAMs Costco) They have Bag in Box for Soda Fountains ... you can use that for your &quot;home made&quot; soda. Brand name will be +/- $100 generic +/- $40. This is for 5 Gallon size.<br>
Hi there, <br>Thanks for a really great 'ible! <br>Perhaps some readers could help me with a related problem of my own... <br>I recently aquired some 20L containers of concentrated &quot;sweet flavouring&quot; (I assume for making sweets) and since its in flavours that I like as soda, I was wondering if they could be made to work as soda flavouring - admittedly my first attempts have been horrible, just turning to foam, and watery flavoured when I reduce the concentration.... but perhaps some readers have more experiance with the product?
take 1 oz of water, add 1- 2 drops of your flavoring... try it. if it is ok then that is how to mix it before you carbonate your drink if it is 10 drops per ounce then add 160 drops per 16 oz bottle ( I would measure the 160 drops maybe it is a tablespoon)<br> Another tip is take your flavoring add it to the empty bottle &amp; freeze it. Chill the water until it is almost freezing. Fill your plastic bottle to the top of the label, squeeze the bottle until it has no air ( almost none) inside &amp; cap. Then fill with 50-80 PSI of CO2.<br> Enjoy
For some reason putting more sugar into soda makes it more fizzier (to me it did).
Just FYI: in Europe (metric system and all), bottles usually come in 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2 litre units. A regular &quot;small&quot; fizzy drink/juice/mineral water bottle would be 500ml. (There are also 0.33 bottles but they aren't that common..)
I've been making my own soda pop for years. It's great fun, saves money, and you can make some wild flavors - my own concoctions include dreamsicle, cookies and cream, and banana split soda pops! I bought a unit called SodaQuick for doing the forced carbonation method. They use the same canisters as paintball guns, so it's even cheaper to refill. Oh and don't believe that "food grade" CO2 nonsense - pure CO2 is pure CO2. Restaurants buy CO2 from welder supply companies for their soda machines - paintball suppliers buy their CO2 from the SAME welder supply companies! Another very cheap way to make soda pop is to brew it using champagne yeast, sugar, flavoring, water, and clean empty 2 liter bottles. Most grocery stores sell the flavors. For a cheap caffeine free homemade Mt. Dew knockoff mix 2 packets of lemon lime Koolaid with 1 pack of lemonade Kooaid, sweeten with sugar or Splenda.
are you from the south?
Uhm, yeah - how did you know? I didn't think I wrote with an accent...
because you say soda pop. On the west coast, we say "soda" or "coke". On the east coast, they say "pop". In the south, you say "soda pop"
That's why I defaulted to "Soft Drinks".
Good choice. =D<br/>
Agreed! ^_^
In the midwest it is just Pop.
I say soda or else no one would know what i meant. I used to say Pop when i was a little kid.
Nah, in the south we say soda or coke. No one uses &quot;pop&quot; or any variety there of unless they're trying to make a point they're not from the area. But &quot;pick up some cokes&quot; normally means &quot;pick up a coca-cola and something else as well.&quot; Ah, the subtleties of soda dialect...
Just like i know killerjackalope is british.
"Food Grade"? That's crazy. I wouldn't have fallen for that. I did know about brewing to get carbonation. The flavors sound fun. Thanks.
Yeah, the Soda Quick distributor tried to tell me that his CO2 was "food grade" quality lol! He was trying to get me to buy CO2 only from him. I forgot to mention another way to make soda pop - the dry ice method. (Dry ice is of course frozen CO2). Buying it could get expensive, you can get your hands on some free dry ice at your grocery store. Ice cream vendors ship their product packed in dry ice. The grocery store just throws it out, so if you're friendly with the manager he'll probably just give it to you. You have to wear gloves for safety and work quickly since dry ice melts fast, but all you do is break off chunks add it to plastic bottles with cold water and refrigerate. When you're ready to drink add flavoring and enjoy!
recipe for dry ice soda bomb? really?
Well, if you add too much dry ice it will explode - of course if you let the yeast ferment too long in the brewing method it will explode too. This is why you use PLASTIC bottles, if you screw up you’ll just make a mess.
So many fun Ideas. The SQ distributor maybe fell for it and didn't know the difference, or lack of difference in this instance.
If you us yeast wouldn't the "soda" contain alcohol?
Technically yes but it is a VERY small amount of alcohol – about the same amount you’d find in a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. You only brew it for a couple of days anyway. Of course you use champagne yeast because it produces a lot of CO2 and only trace amounts of alcohol during that time.
Something very cool that I found was an instructable about making your own carbinator (SP)&nbsp;It would work nicely with this :)&nbsp;I&nbsp;enjoy making carbonated watermelon kool-aid.&nbsp; Very nice BTW :)
They do, but you're going to pay $5 for 12 liters worth. I think the Prairie Moon syrup concentrates are a much better value overall, but if you're a caffeine addict like me you'll need to find an alternative.
I agree. I didn't like the soda club syrups much anyway. I like being able to control the sweetness.
First there is my caveat: I have not read all the comments on this instructable, if I am duplicating information; I ask your forgiveness. As far as bulk sweetener availability: Splenda sells it in a large bag in the baking section. In AZ, I buy mine at Fry's (Kroger) or Safeway (Ralph's, Vons, etc.) Coca Cola syrup over ice is an old remedy for nausea and vomiting. I used to buy it off the shelf in the pharmacy. Last time I bought it I had to ask the pharmacist for it's location and it had changed to being stocked behind the pharmacist's counter. Ask your pharmacy for it. The three major flavors in the brand Coke are: cherry,cinnamon and lemon (if memory serves me correctly.) I learned this so long ago, if I have made any error it is in the last flavor, which maybe vanilla. I am reasonably certain it is lemon. However, Coke will not say what ratio their mix is. All you coke afficianados (my choice of brand) can play with the flavoring and come up with your private brand. Hope this helps someone.
Costco also has large bags of sweetener... I personally don't like fake sugars (they just taste bad) so I don't know which ones they have but I know I've seen like 25lb (or larger) bags of sugar.
Thanks. I'm sure folks will find it helpful.
Just a note regarding using Prairie Moon cola syrup - it does not contain caffeine. I'm not saying that's good or bad (to me it's bad, but to someone else that might be great news) so if you're looking to approximate the stimulant qualities of commercial colas, you'll need to add your own. Fortunately pure caffeine is easy to find (don't crush up No-Doz, they have fillers) but it can be dangerous because the amounts you need to add are small and precise.
You are right. I avoid caffeine so that is good for me. There are Soda Club syrups with caffeine.
I know the Instructable is "Featured" (a well deserved honor) but the comments need to be featured, as well. These are great!!
I agree! You can usually learn so much more by just reading the comments. I try to encourage lots of extra input from the commenters. Often folks will not read them though, and will ask a ton of questions that are already answered several times in the comments. Sometimes they are hilarious also.
very cool, I thought carbonating drinks was much harder than it actually is I might just have to try this

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