Step 2: Cutting and constructing the cardboard helmet

Picture of Cutting and constructing the cardboard helmet
The very first thing I did was to watch 300 and look at pictures of the armor I was trying to build, so I would have a better understanding; I recommend doing that a few times and picking up some pics on google, as well.

I started with the helmet.

First I made the Face plate, I had found a few templates online but I found that the "jowls" of the helmet were to extreme for my face. So I went through 21 different face plates until I came to one I liked.

The face plate should have boxy eye holes that are angled into the nose to create a frowning effect, the nose I made was spearheaded and so actually touched the point where the eye and mouth slots meet.

I gave a slight curve to the jowls and tried to make the gap for my mouth small enough so that you
couldn't see the corners of my mouth

The peak of the face plate I wanted level to the top of the dome of my head.
The rest of the face plate came down at a "45-degree-ish" angle so that the line traveled just over my ears and the two ends met at the back of my head right were my neck meets my skull

After I had a face plate I liked a cut large circles where my ears were covered.

The Dome
Using the same position as the face plate wrap a strip of 2" Cardboard around you head making sure it goes down between your neck and head in the back and up an inch or two above your eyebrows in the front. Tape or glue the strip together and then take a peice of cardboard and cut it into a circle as wide as a baseball, then glue it to the strip, after that get a new strip of carboard and run it over the top of your head running front to back , making sure to cut it where it meets the first strip, you don't want overlapping. hot glue it down to the circle, then to head band you just made, then trim excess.

Then do that over but perpendicular to the strip you just did so you have a head band with a strip running front to back and then side to side; make sure you constantly check so that the strips lie perfectly against your head when the band is put into the correct "Faceplate-position"
then proceed to put two contrasting diagonal strips cutting their ends with two 45 degree cuts so it wedges perfectly between the front and back strips, glue down to both the circle and the head band then trim. then once you have those in, make pizza shaped slices, checking so that they fit correctly into their spots until all gaps are filled and you have a solid dome.

Attach the Dome to the face plate.
Take the dome, put it on your head and figure out where you want the face plate positioned, after you've marked it with sharpie or somthing, glue it down, use tons of glue, you want this strong!

If you are having any trouble manipulating the cardboard simply spray it with some water and give it a minute to seep in, then bend it how you need it!

congrats, you've just finished one of the hardest parts!

kruford5 years ago
How can find a paint for the helmet?

You're kidding, right?

SPARTA is awesome. I am working on my armor and 6 pack. I wil post pictures once Im done
THIS IS SPARTA lol thx for putting this im gonna try doing this and im gonna put the hair thingy like the one from leonidas